Roots of music

4 April 2018

At first the music was abstract and hard to follow but through their discography they developed musical attributes using synthesizers. By the end of the 1 ass’s many European artists where using the synthesizer as their foundation and main instrument for their music.

Many groups in England made themselves well known in the States by the 1 ass’s. Key artists who incorporated heavy synthesizer based music at the time included: Depth Mode, New Order, Tears for Fears, Duran Duran, and many more.Many of these timeless artists became the foundation for the “Synch-Pop” genre and era. By mid cuss the use of synthesizers spread into the music world like wildfire. The electronic method began to roll over into other genres as well as giving birth to new forms of music such as Euro-disco, and electronic trance, as well as house dance music. Music was moving into new territory. Since the cuss many artists and genre?s adapted the electronic style or method.

Hip hop artist began spitting out beats and rhythm to support the flow in their lyrics via electronic loops and subtle backdrops. A lot of hip hop influence originated back in the sass’s through the disco club era. Through the 1 ass’s hip hop began moving away from the “disco” style and reforming into a more new subtle electronic feel. Many Do’s use this electric feel as their flow, while other artists moved to the “underground” movement to promote independent music that would solely be promoted by word of mouth rather than the commercial advertisements. Underground music is made up of different genres. A song is considered underground if it isn’t legally commercialism. Streaming audio and bedposts make underground music easier to distribute.

That been said, the term “Underground Music” is used I different types of artistic movements. Underground was used in Psychedelic music, to stay away from commercial music and to tell the truth threw music. It was also used with the hippie counter-culture, for drop outs from college , middle class life , free love and cannabis.Modern music uses underground to symbolize those who are doing recordings and shows on their own, and those who are signed to independent small labels. Death metal bands were considered underground because the music was illegal or controversial. Black metal is a form of underground because Of the burnings of churches, occult, murders, and Anti- Christian Views. Extreme metal is underground material because of it’s extreme nature.

The Rave and Electronic scene is referred to underground for anything that isn’t mainstream and everything is to be kept secret.Post- punk, Indies and LO-If Punk are considered underground because its free music meaning you can say anything and doesn’t cost the artists to spend much money. Underground music is promoted by word of mouth or promoted by Des. At concerts tapes were sold by the stage or from inside of a car or trunk of a car, for the punk scene. Many place were considered underground material because artists who wanted to stay underground loud rent out the venues to sell their tapes, Cad’s, or tickets for the next show. Underground Hip-Hop (alternative hip-hop and horoscope) is considered socially conscious, positive, and anti-commercial. Many people refer underground hip-hop to be a mixture of Indies and hip-hop.

Whether you listen to popular commercial based music or underground independent music, the two are likely tied together through originating artists and genres. The two have separate methods of advertising their work and growing among fans. However, the two have the same influential upbringing from the past genres and artists.

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