Rosemarie Parse Contributions to Nursing

9 September 2016

Personal philosophy of nursing- I believe in karma. I truly believe that what goes around,comes around. My personal belief / philosophy of nursing is to use my nursing skills and knowledge base to provide safe, competent,quality care and treatment for each individual ( and their family )the same care that I would want for myself or any of my family members. Theories you currently incorporate into your clinical nursing practice Hildegard peplau- interpersonal relations model, imperative requirement for patient/ family/ peer/ physician encounters. ased on psychodynamic nursing, using an understanding of one’s own behavior to help others identify their difficulties. Not just to help others identify their weaknesses, but for the humanistic touch / Dorothea orem- self care model Imogene King-Goal attainment theory Jean Watson- philosophy and science of caring Madeleine leininger- cultural care diversity and universality Patricia benner- from novice to expert Lydia hall- the core,care and cure Has the meaning of nursing changed through your career:

My has the meaning of nursing changed through my career! Back in 1901 when I first became a Nurse, nursing was something that girls did if they didn’t want to teach. Nursing was not viewed as a profession because there were so few male nurses. Nurses were respected in the community, but not necessarily β€œ in the field β€œ of health care. Doctors were β€œin charge β€œ of all aspects of patient care. There were not many discussions about pt needs. Pts didn’t even get a lot of information, and certainly not choices r voices in the decision making process regarding their health. Some times there were hallway discussions and family members were given information that the pt nor nurse had. Nurses were not included in discussions with drs regarding care planning for pts. There was no such thing as discharge planning. There was not a lot of emphasis on higher education for registered nurses. Slowly ( to me ), the meaning of nursing has changed. Nursing is now the most trusted profession in the united states. Nursing is recognized and valued as a profession.

The public recognizes the fact that our skills and knowledge are often times the difference between life and death. We are included in all realms of pt care, our thought processes are just as important and knowledgeable as other health care providers. We are a visible/ viable / vibrant entity inside the hospital as well as in our communities. We are even involved in the political world. The meaning of nursing has changed from care giver of the sick and infirmed to leaders in helping our families/ communites/ our world, gain/maintain mental, physical and spiritual well being.

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