Strings of Life

Have you ever thought about what we are made of? Many new ideas are being explored by scientists driven by this one question.

The String Theory is one these ideas. This “String Theory” in short, describes that a “string” makes up a quark, which makes up a proton or neutron, creating the atom, and essentially the world. I’d like to think that moments in my life have made me who I am, just like the little strings that make up an atom. Something so small, yet so significant.Just like the String Theory, there are unlimited possibilities in life and the future seems to be indefinite. I can remember feeling the urgency to grow up as fast as possible, when everything was one large fairytale, and when school and fun were synonymous. However, being a high school student can change all that, grades and competition with peers seems to be on everyone’s brain.

On paper, I’m a scholar and a talented student, but I’m more than just that. I won’t allow grades and awards to define me. I’m a girl of multiple races, which is probably the reason why I love cultures that are foreign to me. Outside of school, I teach myself Japanese, Russian, and many other languages. Along with languages, I love literature and tend to covet Greek mythology. These interest in addition to my desire for knowledge are the strings that make me who I am.One moment in time can ultimately change your life, no matter how long or short it is.

I can name one significant moment in my life that can surmount the others. At the age of 8, I can clearly remember my father’s passing. At the robust age of 44, he was the best father-role model-friend anyone could have. His death affected me in more ways than one. It wasn’t the fact that I could no longer see him that hurt the most, it was the fact that I took the time we spent together for granted. The effects of my father’s death are endless, however not all of them are negative. My father always told me to be happy no matter what, so I took his advice and I live my life recalling my moments with him and with future aspirations to make the world a more content place.Without these vital moments in our lives, where would we be? How could we exist if strings didn’t make up the atom? Life without love and pain is unrealistic, just as life is without cells in our bodies.Everyone has strings; its what you make of them that define you.

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