Rough Waters

12 December 2018

My mind was racing, as the bay had reached capacity. The water rushed into the backyard, flowing through at an alarming rate devouring all empty space. The cold, salty bay had invaded the house, filling like a reservoir before my eyes. Running on adrenaline, I quickly moved everything of importance from its path. It was useless; the water kept throwing all the objects around that were in its reach. There was no land left and even the park across the street had become a frosty, war torn ship sitting in the middle of the artic. The day was cold, and the air was brisk, rubbing against one’s face like a sand storm. It was like any other New England winter except that I was alone and the house was under siege. As the bay began to enter my basement, so did the energy inside my brain. On the other side of the door lay a backyard submerged in water that was ready to rush in. Promptly, I gathered the several pumps and a sheet of plywood; dancing threw the cold water as it bit into my skin. I attempted to divert the water and create a seal protecting all valuables, living and non that resided within.
Most high school students desire more free will in their lives every waking moment, yet do not know what it truly entails. They have never experienced total control and responsibility. You’re under your own guidance and ingenuity; no one is around to take you by the hand or make things right. This became a shocking reality to me three winters ago, when I decided to stay home one day while my family went to visit my aunt. That day I was not only scared that the over four feet of slushy water might damage the house, but also that I would not be able to respond effectively.
That day taught me what it is like to be self-reliant, to adapt, and to function as an individual. People are sure to have help in one form or another from teachers, parents, and friends alike. In reality though, they cannot be with you every day, help make all your choices and to bring you past all your obstacles. Nobody’s perfect, but each experience I’ve persevered through has developed me as an individual, making me prepared to wade through any challenge.
College is in many ways similar. You have to be able to help yourself, think for yourself, and solve problems for yourself. If you cannot apply your knowledge and skills to the real world you have not learned anything. It is one thing to have intelligence, something anyone can achieve and still too, to have common sense, but to be able to apply these things together and be resourceful is more of a rarity. For some, college will crash upon them like a title wave overwhelming them, while others may ultimately succeed. Obstacles will always flood my path, its immensities engulfing, but I will always be ready; for once the tides recede truth will take its place.

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