Roy’s Adaptation Nursing Model

This paper discusses the Adaptation Nursing Model developed by Sister Callista Roy.

This paper concludes that the Adaptation Nursing Model can touch the innermost only of the healthy and curably ill patients.
Table of Contents
The Life History of Sister Callista Roy
A Clinical Scenario
The Nursing Process According to the Roy Adaptation Model
Strengths and Weaknesses
Her Adaptation Model had spread far and wide by 1981 and she and her colleagues started giving consultations to other schools on it. Many schools adapted it and soon she was a speaker through the Continent and in other countries. Her other ensuing engagements include a two-year postdoctoral program in Neuroscience Nursing at the University of California at San Francisco where she developed the concept of a holistic person. (Office of the Nurse Theorist); teaching at the graduate level at the same University and at Boston College.; co-chairing Knowledge Conferences hosted by the Boston College School of Nursing from 1996 to 1998 and from 2000 to 2001; and progressively expanding and upgrading her Model.
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