Rules On Golf Essay Research Paper Golf

8 August 2017

Rules On Golf Essay, Research Paper


Golf is a game that we all can realte to or at least the 1s who are lucky plenty to play. Golf is a game that takes clip and alot of clip to be good at. Most people think that golf is a game that is really easy and because of this it is veiwed as a athletics for the weak or nonathletes. Me personaly I love the game and I find it really easy to play. This essay will non merely state you about golf but it will besides demo you that golf can be played by everyone. Golf is turning in popurality all over the universe and this is because of the riseing of such participants such as David Duval and Tiger Woods. Golf is turning in other states as good and because of this Golf companies must go more diverse every bit far as who they offer their merchandises to.

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Rules On Golf Essay Research Paper Golf
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The first measure in playing golf is holding nines and the proper nines at that. One nine will non make and it is besides really of import to hold the right fabrics because if you don & # 8217 ; t this can be really bad for other participants. It ever helps to travel toa dr

iving range before starting so you can get a feel for hitting the ball. If you do not do this you might find it very embarassing when it comes your time to tee off. The second thing to do is take your time never try to kill the ball the first time becasue this might only lead to more discomfort. Start with just tring to make contact with the ball. Then comes the hard part and that is tring to get the ball on the putting surface for the first time and this will be very difficult but you must remember that putting is no push over. When putting take your time and really try because most people don’t realize that putting might be the greatest thing to master in golf. How many times have you seen great player’s on TV miss short putts well if you haven’t watched much golf just start watching it. Always work on your game is my last bit of advice because you game will go up and down like the tempture. I hope this advice has helped you if you ever decide that you want to give golf a try and remember it’s only a game and never get made only try to improve.

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