Run Lola Run Speech

8 August 2016

‘Run Lola Run’ is a film directed by Tom Tykwer that portrays many distinctively visual images through three themes; time, chance and life as a game. These themes are portrayed in the film explicitly through the composer’s effective use of techniques in creating uniquely visual images. Theme 1: Time is a very powerful force in people’s lives. Time is a focal theme displayed in the film ‘Run Lola Run’ and conveyed as a powerful aspect of the three runs throughout the film.

A distinctively visual image relating to the theme time is when the screen shows three camera shots of Lola running, Manni impatiently waiting and a clock ticking in time. The visual technique applied is the use of insert shot; where a sequence of shots are displayed to portray an effective manner of time passing. Clocks are presented throughout the film. In the opening sequence a background sound of a clock ticking can be heard and the following misen-scene consists of a close up of a pendulum swinging ominously, then the camera pans upwards to reveal a demonic clock.

Run Lola Run Speech Essay Example

The low angle shot of the clock emphasises the power of that time will have in the film. Overall the main theme time is a significant aspect of the film that is represented throughout the film through the use of distinctive visual images and techniques. Theme 2: Chance is a theme that is clearly portrayed in this film. The editing of this film highlights the major role that this theme plays in the lives of the characters. Images that represent the theme of chance during the film include the clippings that are shown of people that Lola runs into. These clippings show a flash forward in the people’s lives.

These flash forwards clearly portray the theme of chance. Another significant scene which represents the theme of chance is the casino scene. Everyone in the casino crowd around Lola in the long shots that show the spectacle that she creates in the being so lucky. When she leaves, the audience is presented with a long shot of all the people who were in the casino staring blankly after her. When Lola rolls the dice in the casino we see close up shots of the dice and some of the scene is filmed in slow motion to indicate the gravity of what is happening and to draw the viewer’s attention.

This also increases suspense for the audience. It is through the techniques of editing and shots and angles that the theme of chance is clearly portrayed. Theme 3: Another theme in the film is the notion of life as a game. Tykwer emphasises this theme using various visual images and techniques throughout certain scenes in the film. One effective technique that is implemented is animation. The image of an animated Lola running in the opening sequence and the animated Lola running down the spiral staircase at the beginning of each run creates a ‘game-like’ atmosphere.

The use of this technique is to engage the viewers in a world running on the time of a game. A further image depicted throughout the film is the way Lola is given three chances to try and save Manni in the most efficient way possible. This is seen as a game as she is given another life every time she fails her previous attempt. Conclusion: Tykwer, uses a range of distinctively visual images and techniques to vividly portray the themes of time, chance and life as a game in the film ‘Run Lola Run’.

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