Running for My Life

6 June 2019

Growing up, I’d always envied my friends who had lived in one town their whole lives. Coming from a military family, this was not an option. My brothers and I soon found that moving had its perks and downfalls. We liked the fact that if we didn’t like a place we had moved to, we’d soon be moving someplace new. Although I despised being the “new girl”, I did get to meet a variety of people and experience things many haven’t. Through all the ups and downs, I now realize that everything I’ve done, seen, learned has made me into the person I am today.

Field day was the best day ever created. Being big into sports seemed to help me find my niche at a new school. Despite the 100 degree weather in San Antonio, Texas, I grew up engulfed in outdoor activities. If we were lucky, my dad would take the family mountain biking and hiking after school. I took gymnastics at competition level. My brother and I were on the swim team and took karate. These are the things I remember about my childhood. For many years, I did not realize that we were not the typical American family. To our family, we were normal. Most families don’t exercise every day because it’s “fun”. Now I thank my parents for instilling these crucial principles, which I will have with me the rest of my life.

I was always the shy girl- the shy girl that was really fast and good at kickball. Being labeled this way didn’t bother me until I reached junior high, when I was labeled for everything. Girls judged me by what I wore, who I talked to, how skinny I was, everything. I felt like I’d never done anything to deserve such criticism. It was not until last year that I realized that some girls will pick you apart until you either break down and become a mean girl like them or stay different and live your life according to your principles. I decided to be my own person. The mean girls at my school didn’t like this, and I was shunned for being different and because I was nice. I never thought that being nice could cause you to be disliked. Anyways, I began hanging out with guys. We had a lot in common because we both like the outdoors and sports. They were accepting and non-judgmental. I am now content in knowing that I am my own person and don’t let others control my life.

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