Running On Peanuts

5 May 2019

“What should my name be?”I asked myself this on a sunny, steamy June afternoon, just over a year ago.As I scrolled through the required information to make a new Instagram account, I was stumped at what to call my soon-to-be food blog.Then it came to me: runningonpeanuts.As a runner who loves any kind of nut butter, I knew that it was the perfect name.

Two years ago I gave up crusty ciabatta, toasty bagels, and ooey-gooey cinnamon buns.I gave up anything with gluten because it made me feel lethargic.In taking this step, it led me towards a paleo based diet; one full of healthy fats and protein that boosted my energy.By taking this leap of faith, not only did I discover that I thrive off of these macronutrients, but I grew to appreciate them.I don’t go a day without eating eggs for breakfast or peanut butter right off the spoon.I was beginning to become passionate about my food and wanted to share my creations with others.

Running On Peanuts Essay Example

As I pulse the basil, kale, garlic, pine nuts, and extra virgin olive oil, my mouth salivates thinking about how delicious this pesto will be.This simple recipe that I mixed into a bowl full of quinoa pasta and sauteed zucchini is the post that earned me 367 likes when I didn’t even have 100 followers yet.When I saw the number of likes, I knew I had made the right decision in starting runningonpeanuts.This meal helped my blog grow to have over 235 followers and over 130 recipes and food ideas.Not only has this blog provided a creative outlet, it has helped me find the right lifestyle for me.What I love about Instagram is that as a paleo based eater, I can inspire others who are searching for new recipes whether they are paleo, vegan, or eat anything and everything.While all of my recipes may not be fitting for every diet, bloggers can still inspire each other and make modifications.

Runningonpeanuts has allowed me to be comfortable with eating differently.When eating out, I have grown confident in the decisions that I make for myself because now I know that ultimately, it is my body and I can fuel it the way that makes me feel my best.When people ask “How?” or “Why?” I eat in this way, I tell them that it makes me feel amazing and helps me reach my athletic goals, instead of getting embarrassed because I eat differently.However, the most rewarding part is when my classmates and closest friends tell me that they saw a recipe on my blog that inspired them to eat more vegetables or consume less sugar.I vividly remember one conversation that I had after track practice with my friend Carly.As we sat stretching on the track, she asked what brand of yogurt I recommend, and I told her the best brands are ones with minimal ingredients and more protein than sugar.I told her to avoid anything artificial and to buy the most wholesome yogurt, not the one with the least amount of calories.Now, everyday she comes up to me and tells me the healthy foods she has been eating.These conversations make me feel as if I can make a difference in improving the quality of someone’s life, while simultaneously doing what I love.

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