Russian Revolution Of 1917 Essay Research Paper

8 August 2017

Russian Revolution Of 1917 Essay, Research Paper


February Revolution

At times, Nicholas II was warned by the Durma what catastrophes could take topographic point if he didn t do any reforms. The Durma believed that a constitutional authorities should be started. Nicholas ignored these warnings. Soon after this a group of work forces killed Rasputin, trusting this would alter the emperors mind, and Nicholas II responded by prefering Raspution s followings in tribunal. War was shortly followed.

The Revolution began on February 23rd with a rebellion which lasted until the 27th in 1917. The chief cause of the rebellion was the terminal of the czarist government. Another cause of this was their hapless economic system which made it difficult to vie with Germany in World War II. Russia was besides non able to build up and fit many of the work forces whom sent to contend.

During February23-25th over 90,000 work forces and adult females went on work stoppage in Petrogad. During these yearss many brushs came between constabularies and demonstrators. Cossack military personnels were so called in to assist out the constabulary, but they didn t aid much. By this clip the workers had took over several constabularies Stationss, and so fire them down.

On February 26th, more military personnels from Petrograd were sent out to c

ontrol workers. Soldiers killed a figure of workers, because they were ordered to. When firing began many workershid, but every bit shortly as it stop they went face to face with the soldiers once more. The workers managed to go through through their lines.

On February 27th the revolution was exultant. The Petrograd soldiers had joined forces with workers. They finally took over the capital. The lone bad portion about this was 1500 people were killed.

Two new organic structures of authorities were started, the Petrograd Soviet of Workers and Soldiers Deputies and a probationary authorities was formed. On February 2th the Soviet had Nicholas s curates arrested, and the Durma placed its commissars in charge of the ministries. Finally, on March 1st, Nicholas stepped down.

The October Revolution

Lenin noticed what was go oning with the probationary authorities and asked the Solshevik Party to form an ground forces and seize power. This program was approved October 10th by the commission. It was carried out during the dark of October 24-25th by the leader of the Military Revolutionary commission under the lead of Trotsky. Armed electors, soldiers, and seamsters broke into the Winter Palace and took over. On October 25th Trotsky announced the terminal of probationary authorities.

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