Rust In Peace(1990) by Megadeth

Oh, boy. This is gonna hurt. Rust In Peace was Megadeth’s fourth studio album and has been noted as one of the “best evers” in metal history. I can maybe see why, but I would completly disagree with that statement. There are only a handful of songs I personally like.

1, Holy Wars…The Punishment Due, I first heard this song while playing, suprise, Guitar Hero. As one of the three final boss songs and Megadeth songs in the game Warriors of Rock, this is easily my second favorite song in the entire album. Amazing solo, and of the final boss tracks, this is the easist of them.

2, Hanger 18, this one is ok to say the list. Honestly, just a bit too many solos and instrumentation. It is good though. For thrash metal, this is way too melodic, not like that sounds familar. Yep, it’s a Metallica clone. I like Metallica and Megadeth but they are usually completly different bands sound wise. Then again, it’s only a minor complaint. Towards the end however, it goes back to Thrash metal style music.

3, Take No Prisoners, the fastest and heaviest of them all. This easily my favorite of the bunch. The entire song, while short, is super short, straight to the point, yet very complex because of it’s unison drums and strings. The bass is finally audable for me and deviates alot. This is my 3rd favorite Megadeth song currently.

4, Five Magics, retarded name, for it’s spot, and retarded intro. This is a slow and heavy track, I guess. Not like Megadeth at all and I don’t really like it. Plus, remember in Hanger 18 where I said this has to many instrumental sections. Well this is a good example because half of the song is slow and clunky and we speed up to random nonsense to just go back to slow and clunky. We finally get to the chorus at the end of the of the track, thank god! I’m tired of this song.

5, Poison Was The Cure, then we have those songs that have a minute intro and the verses and the choruses are 2 seconds. This starts out very slow with a bass riff that easily gets repedative. We then blast through the rest of the song. The vocal point for me is Dave Mustang and he makes this song at least somewhat listenable for me.

6, Lucretia, this must be a song about an evil which! No seriously it is. It is way too melodic for me and for Megadeth even. The song begins with a witch cackle, must be from Hansel and Gretal, and goes into the most retarded guitar riff I’ve heard. The song is, well, not good. The solo is ok and the topic is probably way over done with Shock Rock.

7, Tornado of Souls, I know what your thinking, I must like this song, right? Well, yes actually. I only like the ones everyone knows it seems. I used to hate this one though. “Now I’m safe in the eye of the tornado.” Cool solo and Dave’s vocals actually work for something that, while thrashy, is a bit melodic and technical sounding. Ah, yes, and the chorus is easily the best part here.

8, Dawn Patrol, Too slow. Too clunky. No good.

9, Rust In Peace…Polaris, starting with a Sepultura sounding drum style, especially in Territory, this is not bad. It isn’t as good as Tornado of Souls, it has some good solos and a memerable chorus. Well, what can I say. Maybe the album isn’t as bad as I thought originally. But that doesn’t it still sucks. I would recommend this album due to it’s standings in the metal community. But it’s not for me, different strokes for different folks I guess.

Rating 4.5/10

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