Rusted Root – When I Woke

10 October 2019

Fresh off a nine-month whirlwind of touring, Rusted Root is sitting back, relaxing and resting in the laurels of their debut release, “When I Woke.” During this time the band has befriended rock legends Jimmy Page and Robert Plante, as well as the Allman Brothers.

Attempting to describe the sound of Rusted Root is about as easy as explaining the feeling of receiving a 97 on a test or scoring the winning goal in overtime. The album has a sound like none other. The earth-shattering rhythms in the music vibrate with power unlike any other music on the airwaves. The band’s smash single “Send Me On My Way” has been the breakthrough for this band.

To say that the sounds of Rusted Root are eclectic is a gross understatement. “Drum Trip” and “Infinite Tamboura” present a thrashing bongo and drum frenzy that gives an animalistic rhythm raising the heart rate while appeasing the soul. “Laugh as the Sun” and “Lost in a Crowd” resemble reggae sunsplashes that give the mind a joyous combination of vocals and instruments. The throbbing melodies of “Cruel Sun” and “Food & Creative Love” are the slow Clapton-esque melodies reminiscent of the late ’70s. “The Cat Turned Blue” could easily be mistaken for an old New Orleans set in the glory days of jazz. The sound which is the epitome of Rusted Root is in the Argentinean, spicy salsa, dance-till-you-drop sound of “Ecstasy,” “Martyr,” and the spirit-lifting “Send Me On My Way.” The band also has a bluegrass, hillbilly groove evident in “Rain.” Rusted Root is not only dancing groove music, but also a talented musical ensemble with two beautiful ballads (“Beautiful People” and “Back to the Earth”). “Beautiful People” is a soft melody with a sound much like the Violent Femmes. “Back to Earth” ends the album with soothing melody resurfacing the influence of U2.

“When I Woke” is a shot in the arm for music-lovers from all backgrounds. Do your ears a favor and pick up the sounds of Rusted Root

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