Rusted Root

1 January 2020

I wanted to go to this concert as soon as I heard it advertised. My boyfriend and I decided to go, and we bought some of the last tickets. The concert started at 7:30, so we arrived at the Portland Expo at 7:00. When we walked in, the bleachers and all of the floor seats were almost filled. I am glad the tickets were general admission! We got an excellent view. At 7:45, the opening band, Rustic Overtones, began to play. I have always liked them, and they played well. I was very excited to hear Rusted Root. When they took the stage, the crowd became very loud. As soon as they started to play, the crowd began to dance and sing along. It was great. The best song they played was “Send Me On My Way,” where the crowd got really involved. I had been waiting for them to play that song all night! They played one encore, after the very enthusiastic audience chanted “Rusted Root” for ten minutes. They played another great song called “Ecstasy” as their last. I thought the entire concert was excellent. If I have another chance to see them, I definitely will

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