Sacraments final study guide

6 June 2017

Tuesday when I have approved this document as being correct. We will review these items on Mon & Tues, Dec 16 & 17. Deacon Stickney will be available during all Exam Cram hours, with a special review on Monday during the theology period. The only exception is Tuesday during the Theology hour, which is dedicated to World Religions. Format for Final: 8 to 10 short answer questions and a longer comprehensive essay.

Open iPad. Please download all documents. You are on your honor not to access the internet during the test. This is a critical thinking exam. You may be asked to explain the reasoning behind a note or a definition. Explanations should be in full sentences. If the prompt asks you to ID (identify), a word or two may suffice. You may be asked for an example that applies an idea to a real life situation. Make sure your examples involve the senses or situations that people face.

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The Midterm Study List is posted as an attachment on BlackBoard. 1 or 2 questions will be from the 1st quarter. General Notes and Questions ID The 3 stages of faith. How do they relate to the Sacrament of Reconciliation? How did they cause a problem between Lutherans and Catholics and how was it resolved? -The Three Stages of faith are the heart (the intention to give your life to God), the lips profession) (You profess your faith publically in Baptism), and the arms and legs (action) (You act on your faith by serving others).

The application to reconciliation is that God forgives us from our sins , and as a result one believes in their heart that they are forgiven. The next is that of profession, you profess that you have sinned in specific ways. You let it be heard, you vibrate the air with your honesty. The third is action, and it is related to reconciliation because you are starting a momentum toward goodness by doing an act of penance. These are stages because first one believes in the privacy of one’s will, but

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