Salman Rushdie

4 April 2015
A look at the contributions of this 20th century author to a changing society.

This paper attempts to explore Salman Rushdie’s impact on society. It looks at the controversies he stirs up and the reasons for him having such a great affect on the world. His origins and life are looked at and some of his famous works are studied in the context of censorship and freedom of speech.
Critics as well as admirers often refer to Salam Rushdie as the most famous author in the world. For a man who originally wanted to become an actor he has come a long way in his second career choice. The fame is not always in a positive light however, and Rushdie has had a fair share of fame due to the controversy his works generate worldwide. His novel. The Ground Beneath Her Feet was published in 12 nations at the same time. This affirmation of his creativity pleased him.

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