"Sam Harts Youtube Page" by Sam Hart

7 July 2019

Sam Hart, a musician located in the bay of California, can be found making a mixer of melodies on his well known Youtube page. Not only can he bring you to tears with some of his songs, but he can also make you feel like a million bucks with just one lyric. Probably most known for his song, “Mario Kart Love Song,” he also has some other great hits that can warm your soul. A couple fan favorites are his cute songs, “We are Spoons,” “DayStar,” and “If You ask Me Too” but he is very credited for his heart warmer, “Come Home Yesterday.” which will leave you thirsting for some ice cream and more of his songs. He does some great covers of Adele, Disney songs, and other random things. Plus some of his funny upbeat songs like, “Your A Zombie Now,” and the lovely, “SuperHero Song!” how can anyone resist an Asian with a great talent for music! But be warned, once you listen to his songs you might feel like doing very romantic things for another person.

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