Sam Sheppard

6 June 2017

The Sam Sheppard case is arguably one of the most disputable cases in history and even remains unsolved today. Sam Sheppard, a renowned physician and neurosurgeon, was accused and put on trial for the murder of his wife Marilyn Sheppard. The case was extremely publicized and captivated the emotions of the public as they were traumatized to hear of such a horrific crime of sex and violence. Sheppard was found guilty of second-degree murder on December 21, 1954 and was sentenced to life in prison.

However, after serving ten years in prison, Sheppard was leased when the federal district court ruled that he was denied a fair hearing due to the intense media coverage and the bias In the Jury. Nevertheless, the Supreme Court eventually found Sheppard not guilty and DRP. Sheppard was a free man. Many people however, refuse to accept the Supreme Court’s decision and believe that Sheppard did indeed murder his wife.

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The question Is still at large today with no real answer, “Did Sam Sheppard Do it”? In the case, there is a plethora amount of evidence that portrays Shepherd’s Innocence.

One example Is DRP. Falcon’s, the director of trauma center, analysis of Shepherd’s neck and other injuries. DRP. Fallen determined these injuries to be “almost impossible to self-inflict”. Thus these wounds must have come from a third party and Sheppard did not stage the murder. Shepherd’s relationship with his wife can also support his innocence. On the evening before the murder, Sheppard and Marilyn were getting along fine as they had dinner with friends and later watched a movie while Marilyn sat on Shepherd’s lap.

This particular behavior does not suggest any idea of Sheppard killing his wife. His relationship with his wife was not only well that particular night but their relationship was always healthy. Sheppard had never previously assaulted or attacked Marilyn in any way before. Not to mention, Marlin’s body was found “spread-eagled with nipples and pubic hair exposed”. A husband would never do something that horrifying In nature to his own wife. The blood spatters that were found on the bedroom wall suggest that Marlin’s blood was flying everywhere when she was killed.

If Sheppard had killed Marilyn, then there would be blood spots all over Sam pants. However. There was only one blood spot found on his pants and aside from that, his shoes, socks, and belt were all spotless. It is extremely difficult to wash off blood stains and according to DNA expert DRP. Mohammed Trait, the single blood stain on Shepherd’s pants were neither of his own nor of Marlin’s. Another blood stain on the closet door next to Marlin’s bed was determined by DNA expert DRP. Mohammed Trait that only 1 out of 42 people have that particular DNA profile which matched to Richard Oberlin.

In general, the prosecution also gave a lack of motive. Well that is because there is not any evident. Marilyn had already known of Shepherd’s affairs and they had Just spent a pleasant evening together with issues such as divorce past them. It is unreasonable for Sheppard to wake up in the middle of the night and brutally If Sheppard did commit the murder, then he would have come up with a better story. Sheppard is a very intelligent neurosurgeon and could have easily devised a story.

Instead, he told a story in which he wrestled the murderer and eventually led to himself being knocked out twice. The sperm that was found in Marilyn was not of Shepherd’s, as determined by DRP. Mohammad Trait. Sheppard also always refused to confess. He always stated that he had never committed the crime, even when talking to his lawyers, and kept that demeanor. Oberlin, a former window washer of the Sheppard, also stole Marlin’s ring prior o the murder and he even knew about an obscure entry through the basement.

He apparently confessed during an interview with James Neff, the author of a book on the Sheppard case mystery, as he stated that he was inside the bloody Sheppard bedroom. As portrayed through the depiction of these ten pieces of evidence, it cannot be certain that Sheppard committed the crime of murder. It is clearly evident that the case itself is still a mystery and the question of who actually did kill Marilyn Sheppard remains a secret for eternity. However, this evidence Just proves Shepherd’s innocence.

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