Same Love by Macklemore & Ryan Lewis

10 October 2019

Rap to me is one of those things that have been forgotten. It has in a sense, lots its way. It used to be real. And that means that when those artists were rapping, they were talking about something real, you know? Like poverty, struggle, addiction, family, love.

Those things were real, they were what mattered. You don’t see that too much nowadays. Now, it’s all about “gettin’ money”, buying lavish things, going to the club, getting high on drugs and drunk on alcohol. This is the face of rap, and since that is the case it makes it hard to actually talk about what’s real. Well that is until now, I think. So, there’s this song called Same Love, and the first time I heard it, I swear it just brought the biggest grin to my face.

Same Love by Macklemore & Ryan Lewis Essay Example

It’s about marriage equality, which to me, shouldn’t be such a big controversy, because it is as simple as we live in a country where we are free and equal. And the song reflects that so directly and succinctly. The song is set to a simple piano melody, and drum beat in the background, creating a laid back mellow sort of feel. And I think that fit the song so well, because you’re not distracted by what else is going on. It’s just one person talking to you. And frankly, that should be the only things that matters. One of my favorite lines is:

“Playing God, aw nah here we go,
America the brave still fears what we don’t know.
And God loves all his children, is somehow forgotten
But we paraphrase a book written thirty-five hundred years ago. . .”

Of course this is the religious aspect of same sex marriage, and how everyone goes kind of crazy over it, and “how it’s not being honored” if two people of the same sex get married. This song doesn’t only represent something real, but it represents a movement. And that’s power. When a song, especially a rap song has the ability to resonate and reach people on a less than superficial level, that’s beautiful. Macklemore, I think is one of those few artists who are not concerned about making hits, but making something the people can connect with. And that is damn hard to find in today’s music.

His album, The Heist is a compilation of different tones, instruments, and sounds, and it’s frankly something that should be heard. Same Love to me, is one of those things that can’t always be outright said. We hear the politicians, and the protesters, and the activists speak about it, but there’s something different about hearing this issue in song. Somehow it makes you think more;it certainly made me. I guess this song, also taught me that love is love

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