Same-Sex Adoption

A paper showing the pros and cons of gay couples adopting children.

It is estimated that between one and nine million American children have at least one parent who is gay. While most of these children were produced in a heterosexual relationship before the gay parent ?came out,? an increasing number of same-sex partners are becoming parents through adoption or foster parenting. This paper explores research and opinions in favor and against adoption of children by same-sex couples.
“However, it must be addressed that, to a large extent, this is an unknown area because the baby boom is still very young. There aren’t enough same-sex adoptions to be a representative sample. While my guess is that having parents who are of the same sex won’t be the major focus in an adolescent’s life, it will still subject that individual to teasing and homophobic reactions from his/her peers.(Martin) In addition, while state laws are changing, many states are still being influenced by homophobia. Therefore, legally, same-sex couples can adopt, but many will be denied the opportunity anyway. Only recently has it become more normal for same-sex couples to adopt children and it is impossible to draw accurate conclusions on the long-term effects same-sex adoption will have on children.”
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