Same-sex research paper

8 August 2016

Same-sex marriage is a controversial topic because lots of people argue that this is a matter of equality and everyone should have the same rights, but there are also people against homosexual marriage such as religious and political people that are fervently opposed to gay marriage, arguing that this will only cause damage. Homosexual marriage is the marriage between people of the same sex, for example a man marrying another man, or a woman marrying another woman.

Even though some Americans believe allowing gay couples to marry is against religious beliefs, other people feel that marriage should be allowed to everyone because there is no reason for sex discrimination. Supporters of same-sex marriage feel that homosexual marriage has a positive effect on parenting and promotes equality. To demonstrate, the supporters have been searching for facts to bolster the argument that same-sex couples are good at parenting in spite of the belief of some that children brought up by homosexual couples are psychologically damaged.

Same-sex research paper Essay Example

Supporting same-sex parents, Marianne Mollmann asserts that “fortunately, it is increasing recognized that it is not exposure to diversity but rather to bigotry and prejudice that is damaging to kids. ” Often, people think that kids are psychologically damaged when they are brought up by LGBTQ (lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and queer) people, but kids are damaged when people bully them or treat them badly because they have same-sex parents. But same-sex people are good at parenting.

Although we would think that kids that have homosexual parents would not adjust to society, in fact, investigations reveal that kids with homosexual parents adjust to society as well as children that have heterosexual parents. They also have good adjustment during childhood. For healthy development it is essential to have good relationship between the parents and the child or children and modeling a strong relationship between the parents (Mollman).

Truly, if the parents of a kid have a good relationship with their child and a good relationship between the parents themselves, the kid will be well-adapted, the same is for same-sex couples. If the kid is growing up with a family that has a good relationship, the kid will be as well-adjusted as the kid that is growing up with the straight family that has good relationship. In fact they will be better adjusted than the children that have straight parents but that are cruel and abusive. Even though somepeople say that same-sex couples should not be allowed to adopt because they are a threat for the kids, “it seems absurd to even suggest that it would be more beneficial for a child to be raised in an abusive home over that of a loving same-sex couple” ( Kellard). When a kid is raised in an offensive, cruel or abusive family the child can develop psychological problems. Some people think that straight couples are better at parenting than same-sex couples, but the key is to be lovely and kind with kids, and not cruel, offensive or abusive.

Moreover, proponents of same-sex wedlock maintain that homosexual people should not be allowed to marry because everyone should have the same rights. Even though people think that homosexuals want to marry just because they are not allowed to, a huge majority of homosexual people, lesbians and gay couples, desire they could have the liberty to marry the person they want for the same random reasons as heterosexual people (Wolfson).

There are mix of reasons why nongay people want to marry, and similarly same-sex couples want the right to marry the person they choose. They should have the same rights as everyone. Even more, same sex couples have the same obligations with society “homosexuals and lesbians are tax-paying, law abiding citizens and deserve the same rights and legal protection as every other citizens of the United States” (Mollman). Homosexual people, like straight people, have to pay taxes and to obey the law; otherwise they would be sent to jail.

Since they follow the same rules, homosexuals should have the right to marry as nongay people. Same-sex marriage should also be allowed, because “there is no good reason for sex discrimination in civil marriage, just as there was no good reason for race discrimination in civil marriage a generation ago(Kellard ). Similar to race discrimination, when colored people were discriminated, just because their skin color, and there was no good reason for bigotry.

Now homosexuals are confronting almost the same type of discrimination, because there is no reason why should this be happening. Although advocates of same-sex marriage argue that homosexual marriage boost good parenting and equality, it is also true that same-sex marriage is a threat to religious principles and social behavior. Opponents to same-sex marriage feel like homosexual marriage is a threat for religion and that this would damage our society. For example, adversaries tohomosexual marriage affirm that is this type of marriage is approved would create a threat for religious beliefs and for marriage itself. James Heiser argues that “same sex marriage and gay families violate the teachings of Christianity. ” For example, Christianity teaches that God has created marriage for woman and man that love each other, to create a family. Now same-sex union is breaking with the concept of marriage and family as the religion teaches.

Furthermore, homosexual marriage would cause some effects “that would include fewer people marrying, fewer sexually faithful relationships, more divorces, fewer children being raised by a mother and a father, a falling birth rate and demands for recognition of polygamy as a legitimate form of marriage” breaking religious beliefs (Spring). In fact if same-sex marriage is approved, this would cause that people now are going to see marriage like such a little thing that they wouldn’t want to marry and marriage will lose the importance that it used to have.

Truly, marriage is different now from what it used to be years ago, and we need to contest to retake the dignity, seriousness and relevance that marriage used to have, for our people marriage has lost the sparkle that years ago used to have (Dolan). Marriage used to be a crucial decision for man and woman, because this would change their lives completely, and now with same-sex marriage people don’t want to take this as serious and important as it used to be.

In addition, opponents of same-sex marriage argue that homosexual unions will affect our society and the way our society used to be. In fact, gay marriage is changing the way people are and acts, “homosexual ‘marriage’ hand over society just like a hammer with the force of law. And, it is only just began” (Comenker). This have just started to be accepted and already is changing our society, like the way gay couples go around holding hands and kissing in front of everybody, like these were the more normal things, even when kids are around.

Certainly, parents have to decide the way their kids are going to be taught, “think about that: because same-sex marriage is ‘legal’ a federal judge has ruled that the schools now have a duty to portray homosexual relationships as normal to children, despite what parents think or believe” (“Gay families are changing society for the Worse”). Now because gay marriage is approved kids see homosexual couples dating, kissing or holding hands and parents cannot do anything, or say anything about it because now same-sex marriage is law approved even if the parents approvethis or not. Now with this approved society will change completely, “citing ‘the right to marry’ as one of the ‘important challenges’ in a place where ‘it is a great time to be gay’, the Massachusetts department of Public Health helped produce ‘Little Black Book – Queer in the 21st century’ a hideous work of obscene pornography [that] was given to kids at Brookline High School” (“Gay families are changing society for the Worse”).

In fact, now with homosexual marriage approved in some states, homosexuals feel like this is the most normal thing and that they should celebrate, like the book they are giving to kids without parents’ permission just because homosexual marriage is legal. Although approving people think homosexual marriage is against religious view, other people believe that marriage should be a right for everyone because there is no reason for sex discrimination.

Homosexual couples should be allowed to marry because truly, there is no good reason for sex discrimination and everyone should have the same rights no matter sex, color, religion, race or ethnicity, but homosexuals should have some restrictions, like to not promote this kind of relationship, like they should not give books with homosexual obscenities or giving papers with obscene images to schools or to people in general. They should keep this to themselves.

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