Sammy Hagar – Marching To Mars

“Marching to Mars,” Sammy Hagar’s first solo release since leaving as lead singer for Van Halen, is the kind of CD that makes you want to go out and buy a dozen copies – if for no other reason than to help the guy out. There are more inspiring reasons to purchase this album, though. In all, the CD is made up of eleven songs, including the title track, “Marching to Mars.” The collection is filled with plenty of crazy, feel-good numbers, such as “On the Other Hand” and “The Yogi’s So High.” These and other “rocking” tunes are balanced out by songs like “Amnesty is Granted” and “Both Sides Now.” Although a bit slower paced, these songs are right on the money when it comes to delivering the combination of great tune and even greater lyrics. Two songs which really seem to stand out in this package deal with the miracle and value of human life. The first, “Who Has the Right?” cries out against the extress violence and murder in the streets. The second is a gentler song called “Kama,” which is about the birth of Hagar’s daughter by the same name. Included on this CD is the hit single “Little White Lie,” which has maintained a place on the modern rock charts for weeks. If you haven’t heard it on the radio already, you’ve missed out. It begins with a blues guitar sound and winds its way around into one jammin’ tune. It is definitely one of the highlights of “Marching … ” Actually, there is something good to be said for every song in this package. It’s rare that an album can escape the recording studio without at least one less-than-spectacular, filler number, but Hagar seems to have accomplished that feat with “Marching to Mars.” If this CD is any indication of his future work, there is no doubt Hagar will succeed as an exclusively solo artist

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