Sample Company Profile Gun Store

1 January 2017

Company profile In every shot, there is power factor! Take a shot with us! Power Factor Guns and Ammo Store is a private company categorized under guns and gunsmith. We aim to ensure optimum customer satisfaction by providing them precision products and outstanding services. Through this, we are building long-term relationship with our clients. We envision ourselves to be the leading distributor in the industry of sales and merchandising of guns and ammunition products.

We continue to provide excellent and high quality firearms, ammunition, gun accessories and general weaponry, since our establishment in 2011. We offer wide range of services from licensing to legal processing of permit relating to gun acquisition and carriage. Our main office is located in Rodriguez Montalban, Rizal. We operate sales around the country, focusing in the area of Ilocos Region, La Union, Rizal and Metro Manila. Ultimately, we want our customers to be empowered.

We cater to clients from all walks of life, from the high-ranking officials of our country’s national police, finest professional shooters in gun firing competitions around the country , down to the ordinary citizens who want to feel security and comfort right in their own hands.

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Sample Company Profile Gun Store
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WE GIVE YOU POWER FACTOR! By security, we mean not only the protection of oneself and family. It also includes our customers’ general well-being by equipping them guns and ammunition with 100% dependability and safety assurance.

By comfort, we mean not only fun and excitement brought by participating in gun shooting competitions, may it be just a hobby or expertise. Our endeavour is to unite our customers and strengthen gun firing as a sports by creating a healthy community of people who have passion in it. We are working with the leading firearms manufacturer in Southeast Asia which is Armscor. We are also affiliated to (list other notable affiliations and organization and awards if any). We aspire to …. (end note) #!

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