Sample Thesis Introduction

2 February 2017

Computer nowadays is a basic need for businesses or companies. It helps a lot in such a way that it makes work more progressive and productive. It is an important thing that a company or small business should have because it helps a lot in many ways such as organizing, storing and manipulating data. Having computer programs may help a company grow bigger and be competitive in the flow of the business world. It helps a lot because almost all the companies nowadays uses computer literate and very competitive in many aspects.

Whatever kind of business you manage, you are required by law to keep financial records relating to it. Office uses Manual System of facilitating the student’s attendance in every school activity. Primarily this attendance serves as their source of income for their project that they’re going to make. This kind of practice is being consulted to the administrators of the school and its now being considered part of the flow of the school or the said institution. SSG Office has a part also on enrollment fee.

Sample Thesis Introduction Essay Example

Office handles the attendance of students by using attendance sheets and an announce date and time, when or where the students to time in and out in every school activity. SSG Office also is taking part of the pre-enrollment slip where the students pay in order for the SSG officer to sign the enrollment slip. The attendance sheet is a crucial and the only information they have to record the miss activity of the student. The fines every absences is twenty five pesos each. Upon recording the attendance, first the SSG Officers will assign one student per year level representing their course.

They orient the assigned students about when or where the activity will be held. After they have finished their orientation, they will be given the attendance sheets for the information when and what time the students in and out on the activity. The computation of the total fines of the students is done after the school announced the date for the upcoming clearance; they do this by checking the log in and log out of the attendance sheets of the students and compute for the total fines every student miss. As all know that it’s the worldwide communications network so that we can get connected each in every place easily.

The result of this study will be of great help to the (SSG) Supreme Student Government to improve management, monitoring of absences, monitoring collectables at the end of each semester and web presence for publicity and endorsement of any update thru the web. The result of this study will be also serve as a guide for the developer to further improve the Financial Recording System and for the future developers in creating a Online SSG Financial Recording System. Scope and Limitation

The study will be focusing on the Development and Assessment of the Online SSG Financial Recording System which is located at SPAMAST Matti, Digos City, Davao del Sur and will be conducted by the month of September. In this Financial Recording System we will be using the cash flow statement for financial reporting. It encompassed three significant aspects, administrators’ page, SSG officer’s page and student’s page. The website will be focused on the financial recording system. The Functionalities on the Administrator page is to allow the administrator to access or manipulate the entire system.

The SSG officers’ page include log-in validation, manipulating the cash flow statement, reply comments from the students, Calculating fines updating the students, posting updates, payments, activities and announcements. On the other hand, Students page has the functionalities of viewing all Students in SPAMAST, viewing of payments, fines activities, announcements and posting comments. Definition of Terms The following terms were defined using conceptual and operational definition for common understanding: Administrator– refers to the SPAMAST-InfoTech Department Treasurer.

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