Samsung’s Corporate Strategy and Competitive Advantage

5 May 2016

Samsung Electronics is one of the largest Corporations in the world and is also one of the world’s top three companies in the electronics industry.

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Samsung’s Corporate Strategy and Competitive Advantage
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Samsung has to dominant sectors which include Samsung HeavyIndustries and Samsung Engineering and Construction. Samsung is a major leader in innovation when it comes to consumer electronics, providing a wide array of ground breaking products that have help shaped our world today.

Samsung sets itself apart from its competitors in many ways, one being that the company dedicates itself to new product invocation. Samsung has six design labs that strive for continuous technological advancements, these advancements help to create products that are the first of its kind in the market place.

Additionally Samsung spends more than 6 Billion dollars annually on product research. The products Samsung develops can range from flat screen TVs to sleek powerful phones such as the Galaxy s line. Samsung’s strategy is to deliver a high quality product with an emphasis on design and performance. Being a leader in the electronic market means Samsung must stay innovative and always changing and looking to innovate the products of the future.

The following will be discussed in more detail:
Samsung’s vision, mission, and historical Information. The companies logistics internationally and domestically and how it relates to their competitive strategy Company operations that help with Innovation

How they target their consumers
How they develop new innovative products through research
How Samsung evaluates the value chain framework
Samsung technology developments
Keeping their competitive advantage
SWOT analysis


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