Sanctions in Cuba

4 April 2015
An argumentative paper about United States’ sanctions against Cuba, presenting both sides of the argument.

This paper presents a detailed discussion about the United States’ sanctions against the nation of Cuba. The writer attempts to present both sides of the controversy regarding the sanctions against Cuba. The writer argues for lifting the sanctions, and then argues for maintaining them. Considerations on both sides include social concerns, military options and financial effects.
“For the past four decades the United States have maintained sanctions against Cuba. The economic boycott has hit a standstill while the House and the Senate argue over what should be done about the situation. Travel bans and other sanctions have come under fire recently for several reasons(Leavitt pg 07A). Small steps have been taken to try and appease those who want the sanctions lifted while not going completely against those who want it maintained. The debate has sparked heated arguments on many levels of government in both nations(Leavitt pg 07A).”
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