Sandlot movie

•scotty smalls
•Benjamin Franklin Rodriguez
•hamilton “ham” porter
•Michael “squints” Palledorous
•Allen “yeah-yeah” McClennan
•Bertram Grover Weeks
•Kenny DeNunez
•Tommy “repeat” Timmons
•Timmy Timmons
leadership qualities of Benny
what was Scotty teased
•New Kid/had no friends
•his clothes
•wasn’t good at baseball
how did Benny help Scotty to be accepted
taught him to play baseball
why did they play on the sandlot and not a real baseball tema
just to have fun, there was no pressure, just boys being boys
what did the boys participate in that they did bc “all the major leaguers did it”
chewing tabacco
biggest pickle they got into
Smalls stole a baseball signed by Babe Ruth
why did Benny choose to challenge the beast
bc he’s a leader/ take his chance to show people what he’s made of
what was Mr. Mertle like
misunderstood, nice
describe the beast and his legend
•Giant guard dog
•Thieves kept stealing junk from Mertle’s Acres junkyard So Mr. Mertle, the guy that used to own the place, got him this new pup from the dog pound and in a few weeks it turned into the beast so that he could protect the junkyard with only one thing on his mind: to kill everyone that broke in. after a while, the cops started getting phone calls from people reporting all the missing thieves the ones The Beast had killed. The Beast was too good at his guard dog job so the police said he had to be retired. They ordered Mr. Mertle to turn his backyard into a fortress and chain up The Beast and put him under the house where he could never get out to eat children and stuff.
ways they tried to receive the baseball
•robot catapult
•arial assault
who did benny play baseball for
LA Dodgers
what was benny’s name
Benny “the jet” Rodriguez
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