Sandy Hook Shooting

9 September 2016

Shooting Mainstream media claims that Sandy Hook shooting was a massacre and an intruder at the school took many children’s lives that day. But there has been strange behavior and evidence that the shooting was a hoax, planned and acted by the government so people would be persuaded to believe that guns are the problem. Therefore, the government would try and take away our second amendment rights. Friday December 14th, 2012 mainstream media shared a terrible story that happened at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Connecticut.

A gunman, Adam Lanza, killed twenty children within the ages of five to seven. Six adults were killed and two others were wounded. Officials say they don’t know the reasoning behind the mass killing but investigators found that someone had reported that, “Adam had an altercation with four other staff members at the school just a day before the shooting” (Staff). Three out of four of those people were shot the next day in the massacre. Ryan Lanza, Adam’s brother, said, “Adam had a history of mental problems” (Staff).

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Lanza’s mother, Nancy was found shot dead at her home, investigators believe that Lanza killed her before the school shooting. He then killed himself after killing all twenty-six people. Nancy Lanza was apparently a gun collector. Adam used her semi-automatic AR-15 rifle made by Bushmaster and pistols made by Glock and Sig Sauer. Lanza used an assault weapon to shoot at an entrance to get into the school. Before breaking into the school Lanza shot up a teacher’s car, Lauren Rousseau, along with several other cars.

The question has been whether or not she was targeted. He killed the principal of Sandy Hook Elementary and the school psychologist in the front office and then proceeded to Ms. Rousseau’s class. “Fifteen of her sixteen first graders were shot several times and killed and the teacher shot as well” (Wikipedia). Investigators are now wondering if Lanza was jealous because his mother Nancy volunteered at the school often. So many things don’t seem to add up in this supposedly second deadliest incident in American history, next too the 2007 Virginia Tech massacre.

Starting off with Adam Lanza’s death record just a day before the shooting, December 13th. The day of the shooting Adam Lanza’s identification was his brothers, Ryan Lanza, which claimed he hadn’t seen him in years. Witness’s claimed that they saw Ryan Lanza being handcuffed on scene. Many families said they saw a man being held by police officers and brought out of the school and as he saw families crying he screamed, “I swear I’m not the one who did it”. Police were chasing three other suspects in the woods behind the school shown on video.

Also, others claim they say two other men fleeing the scene in a van. “Initial media reports did say that there may have been more than one shooter involved, but as the details came in and the events were clarified, Lanza was the only gunman named and the evidence cleared every other initial suspect” (Hallowell). “The New Town Bee, a local outlet, reported that a law enforcement official told them that the man seen in the woods had a gun and was nearby the school. He was apparently an off-duty tactical squad police officer from a nearby area.

Also police handcuffed Chris Manfredonia, the father of a six-year-old student at the school, briefly after he ran around the school in an effort to find his daughter. And another unidentified man was briefly detained, but later released when he was found to be an innocent bystander” (Hallowell). Theorists believe that crisisactors. com have played a big role in this shooting. Gene Rosen a neighbor nearby Sandy Hook school claimed that six students ran from the school to his home and he kept them inside and entertained them until it was all over. He never called police, or parents, or asked questions to the children.

He first stated that they escaped and ran to his house but then said he was outside going to breakfast and someone dropped them off, he said, “I assumed a female bus driver” (Hallowell). In another story he claimed that he heard a man speaking harshly towards the six children so he took them in. Additionally Rosen told reporters that the children told him their teacher, Ms. Soto, was dead. But, “Initially, some media reported that only one child escaped the class room where the majority of the kids perished, but this ended up not being the case” (Hallowell).

“The media, though, claim that Rosen’s story has some troubling inconsistencies” (Hallowell). As they find more and more things out about Gene Rosen, they discover that he is a member of the Screen Actor’s Guild. “Thus advancing the theory that he might be a crisis actor” (Hallowell). People have claimed that, “Some of the grieving parents are actors, and do not act appropriately following the horrific event” (Hallowell). Robbie Parker is a good example of this, in his press conference; not knowing the camera was on he was laughing and joking around just a day after the incident.

He then said, “Are we ready to start rolling? ” and then quickly seemed to get into character and play the roll of a grieving father. “A number of memorial and fundraising websites for the Sandy Hook shootings set up a number of days before. However, some have suggested that sometimes search engine results do not always reflect accurately the date things first appeared on websites” (Hallowell). Before Emilie was even confirmed dead Robbie was making a Facebook donation page during the shooting. In addition, a teacher, Victoria Soto’s memorial page was made on December 10th, four days before the shooting even occurred.

There have been many misunderstandings about Adam’s mother working at the school. Andrea McCarren, a reporter for WUSA had a conversation with the school nurse that worked there for fifteen years, Sally Cox. Andrea confronted Sally right after the shooting as she saw her looking frantic and traumatized. Andrea asked if she knew Adam and Adam’s mother, the nurse stated that Adam’s mother was a wonderful kindergarten teacher and Adam never seemed harmful when he visited the school. After all this misinformation, mainstream media figured out that Nancy Lanza was just a volunteer at the school.

Investigators searched Sally Cox’s identity, the supposedly nurse of Sandy Hook school and her real name was Sarah Cox and was registered as a nurse but not in the state of Connecticut. “Those embracing the notion that Sandy Hook was a hoax also question an event that was put on by the Division of Emergency Management and Homeland Security”. The event was on December 14th, 9am-4pm and located on 2800 Main Street, Bridgeport Connecticut. 2800 Main Street was a road that led straight to Sandy Hook if you follow it straight down. The event was, “Planning for the needs of children in disasters”.

The press asked the coroner what gun was used for the shooting and he replied, “The shotgun”. But how would that be possible if the police said he never left the school and the shotgun was found in the trunk of his car. “While it has been widely reported that the car belonged to his mother, whom he also shot dead before heading to the school that morning, theorists believe that the car was registered to a man named Chris Rodia”. There is no explanation for all of the crazy misinformation and inconsistency of this tragic story and it is confusing to me and nothing seems to add up.

In the beginning I believed that it was a hoax because of all the strange things that were happening behind scene and not being told to us. But towards the end of my research, I realized that there are conspiracies to everything and we are given the right to believe them or not. Even though the world today has become sick and twisted, I do not believe anyone would have the heart to fake twenty-seven deaths and twenty, which were within the age of five to seven. Yes, I do believe that there are things they aren’t sharing with us but I do believe that overall the incident did happen.

Therefore, I do not believe a whole town could be in on something so big. This quote really pertained to this incident and really changed my whole outlook on this conspiracy. “Two cannot keep a secret, unless one of them is dead”, and this is unbelievably true and if it didn’t happen they would’ve or will be eventually caught. A father of two children at Sandy Hook elementary states, “I was there. I’ve been to funerals; I know the families very closely. I know a lot of those children. It happened. Sadly, it really happened”.

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