Santana – Supernatural

6 June 2019

Santana’s”Supernatural” was named “Best Album of the Year” bythe Grammy Awards committee. But the prestigious award doesn’t tell thecold hard facts about the CD. “Supernatural” was not the best;it got the award because of its composer – not itscontent.

“Supernatural” is said to be Carlos Santana’sbig comeback. It turned out to be a flop to anyone who actually heardit. The CD has one or two good songs, but even “Smooth”(featuring Rob Thomas) and “Maria Maria” get on listeners’nerves after hearing them 10 times an hour on the radio.

All thesongs are prefaced with the words “listen to Carlos Santana”or “played by Carlos Santana.” We did buy the album knowingwho’s on it; we don’t need to hear Santana’s name again andagain.

Other great artists, including Eric Clapton, Lauryn Hilland Dave Matthews collaborated with him on this album, which may beanother reason it got such great reviews.

The truth is that thisCD is not very good. Most of the songs seem to be in jibberish since thelyrics are drowned out by Santana’s guitar. We want to hear Santana’snew music, but we can’t without thelyrics.

“Supernatural” may have been Santana’s comebackCD, but it wasn’t much of one. He should go back to studio and rethinkthe album he really wants for his big comeback.

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