9 September 2019


If I were to say to someone that my favorite band is Saosin (pronounced say-oh-sin), the initial response is “I have never heard of them. Are they good?” The answer to that question is a definite yes. Saosin is an alternative band based out of southern California that has been around since 2003. With their original singer, Anthony Green, Saosin released their first EP called Translating the Name. Translating the Name was a huge hit on the internet sites such as YouTube. After the release of their first EP, tension in the band led to the departure of the singer, Anthony. In need of a new vocalist, they held a massive online audition which brought them a fitting replacement, Cove Reber. Hardcore fans quickly critized Cove’s style and inexperience which added an extreme amount of hype for their first full length Album. Their self-titled album, Saosin, changed the minds of all the old Saosin fans.

Saosin was released in 2006 under Capital Records. From the moment the first song, It’s Far Better to Learn, plays, you know that this CD is special. The quiet noise from the background builds momentum as dropped tuned guitars start to pick the song’s speed up leading to the drum solo of Alex Rodriguez (not the baseball player) right before the first verse. Each song on the CD has its own style that is different from the others. The first single, Voices, has in my opinion the best singing in all of music in the alternative genre. There are some songs, however, that can get a little boring, but then there are those that just make you feel good. The song, You’re Not Alone, is the song I go to if I’m feeling down. It’s message tells the listener that everyone has the strength to make it out of any low point in life. With lyrics like “You’re not alone, there is more to this I know. You can make it out, you will live to tell,” how could anyone that is feeling down in life not put a smile on their face? From the beginning to the end, Saosin delivers with their wonderful blend of flaring guitars, ridiculous drums, chilling vocals and powerful lyrics. Anyone who is into the alternative genre NEEDS to have this in their collection. Saosin’s next full length album is due out Fall 2009.

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