Sarah McLachlan – Surfacing

6 June 2019

Pop rock female vocalist Sarah McLachlan came out with a new hit single in August called “Building A Mystery.” The song did well on the charts and the video is definitely one to watch. Since the release of “Surfacing,” McLachlan hasn’t had any other singles off the current album. If some of you are like me and wait till the album comes out with another great song before splurging on a CD, I don’t think she plans on releasing another song from the album. She released “Possession” from her last album. However, don’t be discouraged, go out and buy the album simply because it’s even better than her other albums (“Fumbling Towards Ecstasy” and “Solice”). If you’re still hesitant to buy the CD, a maxi single with five songs is available. The five songs are not just from her new album, they also include the theme song from the Brothers McMullen, “I Will Remember You.” This album shows McLachlan’s softer side. Out of the ten tracks, only three contain an upbeat tempo. The rest have a smooth, rich flow and, like all her other lyrics, she focuses on the challenging topic of love. For all the McLachlan fans who are impressed not only with her singing but her piano playing, track ten is an instrumental piece. I highly suggest adding this CD to your collection. If you listen to Wallflowers, Jewel, or Mazzy Star, you won’t be disappointed

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