SAT Practice Essay

10 October 2018

Imagine if we individuals were limited from performing our own creative process of comprehension, understanding, or any other task that comes along. If humans were all required to do things the same way, civilization would not be as advanced and as enlightened as we currently are. Try and picture a world that was molded and raised by several different minds, however containing the same exact thoughts. There would be no such thing as invention, or scientific discovery, or possibly even evolution. By allowing a person to do things in their own way, they not only posses the possibility of creating something brilliant, but it also allows them to freely express themselves.

Everyone is born with different physical and mental traits, therefore naturally having their own natural flow. We sleep in whatever position we desire, we fall in love with the person that we decide to choose, and we make our own choices on careers, school, and how we live our lives. The mind is an incredibly complex and fascinating organ, that is able to generate an endless stream of ideas. There is no stopping the human thought or creation process. As easy as it can be for someone to accomplish great things when having the freedom to do so, there is also the chance that they could benefit negatively from this freedom. Over the years, there have been heroes and villains. When Hitler decided to do things in his own way, he used that power to cause destruction and despair to the world. However, when Martin Luther King Jr. decided to do things in his own way, he stood up to what white supremacists believed and preached to America, and gave the nation his thoughts, later on almost entirely putting an end to segregation and prejudice.

In our lives, we are all given the opportunity to strive for success, or aim for failure. When certain persons have the knowledge that they can do things in their own way, they choose to simply do nothing at all. As an example, my brother and sister, who are both much older than I, were both given the choice by my parents to do what they wanted with their lives. My sister decided to push herself in high school, in both academics and extra-curricular activities. This resulted in her graduating from college early, entering the world of real-estate, and making a wonderful life for herself. On the other hand, my brother chose to drop out of high school, never attend college, and spend his time doing detrimental things.

The case, I believe, is that it is definitely possible and achievable for people to accomplish more than they could ever expect out of themselves when doing it their way, but it is also very possible for them to single-handedly ruin their lives. What we have to remember is that we should never do or be what other people expect us to do or be; we have to have faith in ourselves, and always remember that we are capable of amazing things, as long as we stay determined and strong. Nobody can live our lives for us, or make us who we are; that power is controlled by only ourselves.

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