Satchel Paige

1 January 2018

The exact date of Satchel Page’s birth was never confirmed, so no one really knows how old he was when he died. The biography focuses most on the time in his life when he played baseball for the minor African-American leagues. It follows the story of how he worked his way up to be one of the first African-American men in major league baseball in the 1 ass’s.

The book starts with his childhood and how he ivied in poverty.It tells about how his love for baseball started when he was sent away to an industrial school because he was caught stealing. The biography discusses his talents and what made Satchel Page one of the best athletes of his time. The book describes some the best times of his life and some of the worst times of his life. The biography also lets the reader know about the difficulty Of being Satchel Page at this time in history.

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Because he was an African-American during the time when America was segregated, there was low respect and payment for his talents.He was treated unfairly just because of the color of his skin.

Even though America knew he was better than many of the white men in the major leagues, he was not given the chance to play with the white people for the first 30 years of his career. The biography also tells about Satchel’s love life, his two marriages and one divorce. It includes details about the important people in Satchel’s life and career, and it also describes his life as an old movie star.

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