Satellite Flight: The Journey to Mother Moon by Kid Cudi

Mother Moon

He makes two types of music he makes relaxing songs, something to help you relax during the day, he also has music that makes you happy and want to dance. He always seems angry when he is rapping it seems that way because he puts a lot of emotion into his music. He is not only a successful rapper he also has appeared in TV shows and movies. He is a very successful man and he will continue to make music and appear on TV and movies.

He makes music that most people will like it and applies to a lot of people. Some of his songs are something to listen if you want to relax to like “Soundtrack to my life” it is a slower beat compared to most of his other songs. He also has songs that you just want to get up and dance to they are really upbeat and fast like the song ?Day n’ Night?, it has a really good beat to it and lyrics flow with the song. There are songs that are really personal and get kinda deep into his life and what he is going through or went through, he is very open person when it comes to his music he loves to tell people his life story and what he goes through all the time. It seems like he is angry every time you listen to him but it is just how he puts his emotion into the music.

His is not only a rapper he also is an actor. He has not been in a lot of TV shows or Movies yet but he has been in enough be recognized by people, his most recent successfulmovie was “Need for Speed” he played a major role in the movie. He also appears on TV sometimes he was a big role in the TV show “How to make it in america” this did not really do well on TV it only lasted 2 seasons.

With the 4 albums he has out right now his most recent one came to a shock to most people. “ Satellite Flight: The Journey to Mother Moon”this album had barely any promotion because he wanted it to be a surprise to people. This album he said “It the bridge between his first album and his third”.
Good businessmen know how to go through life making money and have fun doing it and Kid Cudi is one of those people.

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