Due to government budget cuts schools were told not to teach multiplication. “We have looked at cutting other things but this saved us the most money out of all we looked at. ” chief of budgeting in Washington D. C. Said. This is said to save over 7 billion dollars In the budget a year. Do you believe It? Some schools are complaining that we need to cut something else, but you see this saves the most money and what ever can save the most money the government is going to cut that.

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Multiplication is a vital part of our math curriculum if we don’t have multiplication we cannot properly train students for college and their future lobs. Therefore, the governments cut are making The united States stupid. ” Salad a teacher from phoenix are schools. Some of the students we asked to do simple multiplication said that 2 times 2 = 5 the students are already losing the knowledge they have learned In prior years. The government hopes the 7 billion they save can put a dent into the national debt which In fact Is a lie.

Our national debt Is over 16 trillion dollars a mere 7 billion is nothing. That won’t even put a miniscule dent in it. The cut is a joke we need to save the money yes but we still need multiplication in classrooms. ” Detroit area schools principal said. Even If we saved et 7 billion In a hundred years the debt still would be there. The government hopes cutting multiplication will help the feds save billions. But in fact this will not happen. The government will have to cut a lot more then Just this If they hope to save billions of dollars.

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