Although little is known about this object, it was said to be useless and far too expensive. After years of frustration with this board, it was retired from the classroom altogether. This board allowed a teacher to draw out information to their students and project it on a screen. ” Greg laughed hysterically at the foolish concept of such a silly object, and dismissed the idea as obsolete. The guide continued on with her speech. β€œIn 2010, Microsoft and Mac joined to create the revolutionary KnowledgeMaker 360 software, which allowed entire academic departments to move their classes online.

And after Wikipedia published its trillionth article in 2021, it was clear that lists of Wikipedia articles would replace textbook readings forever. ” Many students had finally had enough of their schooling today, and decided to fulfil their education hours later. Greg had to return to his day job anyhow. While putting on his nametag, Greg exited the museum in a haughty fashion and advanced down the crowded street, not making eye contact with anyone. The grey booths along the street meant it was freedom of information day, the eight day of the week.

After the economy collapsed more than one hundred years ago, the government tacked on another day to the week. This day, known as freedom of information day, helped revive the economy because it allowed people to go out and spend their money on consumer goods. Since then, it has simply become just another day of the week. Greg hated this day because all of the new upgrades for advanced gadgets usually came out and he could never afford the new technology.. Many of Greg’s friends laughed at him because his gadgets were shamefully outdated.

Greg often found himself crying in the night, for his friends, who marched deeper into the realm of technology, constantly poked fun at him. Greg had to park four blocks away because of the crowds. He had to weave his way through the sea of bodies to get to his office located in the Circuit City headquarters building, near the Oreo cookie district. It is quite interesting, as Circuit City owns every building for communication and all major cities, towns, and streets are named after popular junk or fast foods. In case you did not already know, Circuit city won the communication and retail franchise wars that had occurred two years earlier.

Also, it is important to note that the world population had come to rely so heavily on junk and fast food, that the government decided to name many areas after these popular cuisines. This decision was ultimately made in an effort to help the population become more familiarized with their surrounding area. While Greg disliked technology, he came to rely on it, just like everyone else in the world. As soon as Greg had made it to work, he began to imagine what life would have been like without the great BooBert.

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