Satisfaction of Students Towards the Academic Library Facilities

This section will discuss the background of the study, the statement of the problem, research question, research objective, methods used and the limitations of the research. 2. 1 Background Academic library is an important asset at Higher Level Institution because the library complements the need of students at Higher Level Institution. Malaysia nowadays encourages the citizen to pursue reading culture to gain more knowledge and information. University Technology Mara of Segamat, Johor have a high technology of library known as.

As at PTDI, there are many facilities provided by the management in order to support students to get easier to get information. According to Longman Dictionary Contemporary English third edition, library refers to a room or building containing books that can be looked at or borrowed. A library is a collection of sources, resources, and services, and the structure in which it is housed; it is organized for use and maintained by a public body, an institution, or a private individual. In the more traditional sense, a library is a collection of books.

In Malaysia, library already been implemented since years 1956 which first be established of Perpustakaan Negara Malaysia. This library has been getting the permission by Public Library Services for the Federation of Malaya. This library has been getting the permission by Public Library Services for the Federation of Malaya. The significance of library is depends on the usage by the uses which is for education or just for entertainment to fill up the free time. The people are really like to spends time for reading will be request that the library is the most of peaceful place on earth and with the full of knowledge.

Here are some points to highlight the important of library. Firstly it is inculcating the reading habits among children, teenagers and also adult. This is because library is the place for getting the new information otherwise to increase the knowledge not only for external usage but also internal understanding. Library is a place for learning experience especially for the children. By having a lots of type of book its can attract the children to continuing reading and the extensive genre of children’s literature is an essential part of the growing up process. Library is not only for students, users and lecturers only.

Library also essential for community to be the mechanism to gain more information and resources of knowledge to be the knowledgeable citizen. Three main types of library described by The Indexer (2008) are public libraries, academic libraries and special libraries. In this report, we would like to ascertain the satisfaction of library usage in UiTM Segamat towards the academic library facilities. We can measure based on the satisfaction of the user based on the different perspective and dimension. 2. 2 Problem Statement PERPUSTAKKAN TUN DR ISMAIL tends to be the leader of source of any information.

In achieving their target to they have to improve their customer satisfaction on facilities provided. Refer to the Mohammad A. Hassanain and Ali A. Mudhei (2006) the main purpose of conducting the assessment was to determine whether or not design decisions made by design professionals are providing the performance needed by users who use the facility. In UiTM Segamat, there are problems where space for students to reading is insufficient, lack of control for photocopier and printing machines, no twenty four hours room for staying up, no safety place for bags storage, and inadequate of toilets provided.

The necessity on library to provide quality services is critical, based on their role to support university core business that is to produce great graduate which is needed by industry. The question is; did student obtain the quality that they must get? Other than that, what is their perception on library quality services provides as an important academic facility based on types of services? Is it low or more than their perception? Another thing, what is their satisfaction level on services quality at PTDI? 2. 3 Research Question 1. 3. 1How to determine the level of effectiveness facility in library?

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