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Applicants should include certified copies of supporting documents that have not already been submitted to Victoria University as part of an application for admission. A full list of the required documents can be found on the application form. You must be a citizen of an SEAN country wanting to enroll in your first year of undergraduate study at Victoria University of Wellington, and be under the age of 23 on 31 December 2014. Please read the full eligibility criteria for this scholarship in the terms and conditions section of the application. About Victoria UniversityVictoria University of Wellington is one of New Sealant’s oldest and most prestigious universities, and has an established tradition of excellence in research-based teaching. Victoria is ranked first among New Zealand universities by the New Zealand Government’s ranking of research performance of its academic staff.

In the 2014 SQ World University Rankings, Victoria is ranked in the top 50 in English Language & Literature and Law, in the top 100 in Education & Training, Politics, Psychology, and History and in the top 150 in a number of other subjects.Victoria is also home to the Victoria Business School, one of an elite group of 58 business schools worldwide that holds the ‘Triple Crown’ of international accreditations of SQUISH, CABS (Business), and MAMBA. Part of the vibrant, dynamic and bustling Wellington community, Victoria University takes advantage of its capital city status with unique links to the public sector, business, science and innovation, creativity, and the arts.Victoria is proud of providing a supportive and challenging learning environment that produces graduates with leadership skills, who can think critically and communicate effectively, and who an respond creatively to the challenges ahead. Your application for the SEAN Undergraduate Tuition Fees Scholarship Use this form to apply for the scholarship only if you are a citizen of an SEAN country – Brunet, Cambodia, Indonesia, Laos, Malaysia, Manner, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand or Vietnam. Note Complete this form in English.Add additional pages if necessary.

Documents submitted in support of this application must be in English – either originals or a true copy of the original. Certification of true copies must be done by a recognized official or by the institution that sued the documents and must bear the official stamp and signature Of the certifier. Where results from secondary school study and/or university foundation study are not available, it is essential that an original signed set of forecast results are provided by the applicant’s educational institution.Return this completed application to reach the following address by 31 October 2014: International Programmer Office Victoria International pop BOX 600 Wellington New Zealand Email [email protected] AC. NZ Please read the following notes before completing the application form Victoria is pleased to offer six SEAN Undergraduate Tuition Fees Scholarships for 2015. The scholarship covers the tuition fees for the first year of study (two trimesters) of an undergraduate degree at Victoria university of Wellington.

1.The scholarships will be awarded on merit to outstanding candidates who meet the criteria below: ++ be a citizen of an SEAN country; ++ be completing (or have completed) the academic requirements for admission into an undergraduate degree at Victoria university of Wellington in 2015; ++ have submitted an application to duty at Victoria as an undergraduate International Student in 201 5; ++ have met Victorians English language requirements for undergraduate study; ++ not have lodged, personally or as dependents, a current application for migration or have been granted residence status in New Zealand. . The scholarship can commence in either Trimester 1 or 2, 2015. 3. After the closing date applications will be short-listed on the basis Of outstanding academic merit.

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