Save Rock and Roll by Fall Out Boy

6 June 2019

If your musical taste is what you’d call rebellious, then you’re sure to love “Save Rock And Roll” by Fall Out Boy. The fiery soundtrack will make you want to get up and dance. When Fall Out Boy took a hiatus for a number of years, fans were upset, myself included. However it was definitely worth the wait when they returned with an album like this.

During their break, they went through experiences that contributed the strong feelings poured into their stunning lyrics. The album title was inspired by a sarcastic remark from Pete Wentz, who plays bass guitar. It was later supported by Elton John, who features on the album’s moving title track. Though Patrick Stump is the band’s main vocalist, all the members add vocals on the album. It also features guest vocals from Big Sean, Courtney Love, and Foxes.

Each song is very unique in that it incorporates other genres such as rock and punk as well as pop. You will find yourself in a certain mood after listening. As I was listening to “Death Valley,” I found myself comparing it to dance music from the ’70s, but also getting a very powerful revolutionary feeling. Many listeners say that the first two songs – “Light ‘Em Up” and “The Phoenix” – feel war-like and energizing.

All the songs have relatable lyrics, regardless if you’re going through a loss or something wonderful. One song features the much-quoted lyrics “The person that you’d take a bullet for is behind the trigger.” They are witty and catchy, so you might find yourself singing them during the day.

The background guitar and drum beats feel forceful and compelling at times, which can have a deep, emotional impact on the listener. My personal favorite is “Where Did the Party Go,” a song with a punchy opening and a pumping beat.

The cover illustrates the album well. It shows two boys – one wearing ordinary clothes and smoking, and the other wearing monk robes and frowning. The meaning of this is new and old coming together, and with elements of pop sprinkled into the songs, that feel can be found in the sound of “Save Rock And Roll.”

This album is a must-have for Fall Out Boy fans, old and new. And although reviewers say, “They may not save rock and roll …” they praise the genius comeback of this breathtaking album.

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