Save the Girl Child

10 October 2016

I don’t know about the world but in India every two seconds a child is born and maybe by the time I end this essay, hundreds of babies would’ve already been born. So what makes giving birth so special? I mean it’s just a simple process of human evolution! Well the answer to this can only be given by the mothers who have experienced that magical moment of giving birth to a child. In medical terms it’s called ‘delivery’, but the emotions that are involved in this simple term called delivery can’t be possible explained in words.

The joy of having a baby is just boundless, but unfortunately for some it’s a moment of disappointment. Yes sometimes getting pregnant comes as a surprise and teenage pregnancy is an issue that has to be dealt with and measures like abortion is totally justifiable in that case but the thing I don’t understand is that why are abortions being done just because the GENDER of the baby is not what the parents expected to be. Surveys proved that 98% of gender based abortions are done when the sex of the child is female.

Save the Girl Child Essay Example

Now I cannot think of something more shameful than this, how on earth could anyone, especially any mother could kill a life which is within them just because it’s a girl? Don’t we have any kind of conscience? Why don’t we even rethink before doing such a heinous act? ………Are we the condemned? Every child is a gift of God, and we should happily accept whatever the holy one has sent us. The journey of a life starts under the mother’s womb, at first it’s a tiny embryo then gradually it develops its eyes, ears, and nose nd eventually comes out its limbs and then it takes the shape of a tiny little human baby. Through all this the baby is unaware of the outside world, for them their entire world is under their mother’s womb with just an umbilical cord joining them to their mother. Innocently it kicks inside the mother’s belly to make her aware of its presence.

All they want is to come out and feel the world they are born into but wait, there has been a mistake……. Something isn’t right…….. he baby is a girl……! All of a sudden everything changes. All its plans, all she dreamt about the world are now just like shattered pieces of broken glasses. She doesn’t even get a chance to defend herself, no matter how hard she kicks to make her mother not to kill her but all of this in vain. She tries to run away but she can’t because she is trapped inside the womb. She cries, she yells, she pleads for her life, but ultimately she is murdered just because she is a girl.

The Indian government has now declared gender based abortions illegal, even the gender of the baby is remained classified and is only disclosed after the baby is born. Several campaigns have been launched in order to protect the girl child. The Times Of India group has been also been actively participating in the process of saving the girl child. It gives me immense pride that I could be a part of it and I salute ONGC for spreading awareness by encouraging activities like this. I hope we succeed in our mission and make the world a safer place for our sisters.

Before ending I just want to share the fact that, my mother gave me life, nurtured me and helped me become a man. My sister gave me companionship, she was with me when I was lonely and always supported me. I cannot even imagine my life without these two ladies. The thing I want to explain is that women are a very integral part of our life without them life won’t have been possible. So instead of killing them, if we start to support and respect their existence then I think that would be the greatest contribution from our side. “Save our sisters, save the girl child”

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