Save The Moon From Kerdy Dickus

6 June 2016

In the short story “Save The Moon For Kerdy Dickus” by Tim Wynne-Jones, the stranger misinterpreted a few things that led him to think he was abducted by aliens. First, the stranger smelled of alcohol and cigarettes, he seemed slightly drunk by his low awareness, forgetfulness and drowsiness. In the short story it said “His wet clothes smelled of alcohol and cigarette smoke.” and another passage said “Cards,” he said. “Having a few drinks … Christmas …” which proves that he has been drinking and getting drunk.

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This is connected to his misinterpretation of many things because it altered his perception of vision and hearing such as how he misheard Ky saying “Better save some room for turkey dinner” as “Save the Moon for Kurdy Dickus. Secondly, he was unfamiliar with the japanese food given to him by Ty’s family. In the story, the newspaper article stated that he thought the food were drugs being given to him as a test subject and how he was throwing up for the whole day after that night. Since, the stranger is unfamiliar with foreign food he misinterpreted it as a foreign food from another planet and believed he was abducted. Finally, the stranger is from a less technological part of the country.

The stranger was completely unfamiliar with the technologie, he was very surprised to see a modern phone and the beeping lights of the fax machine. The connection of this to the topic is since the stranger was from a less technological part of the country, all this new technologie made him feel very lost and confused making him feel as if he’d been abducted by aliens, he was even constantly asking where he was. All these points of how the stranger was unfamiliar with the new technology, the new foreign food and his altered perception from being drunk has lead him to think that he was abducted by aliens.

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