Saving Lives and Making History

“Why do you have to cut those things every time?” my sister asked me while i took the sharp, black handled scissors to the plastic can rings that choke sea creatures yearly.

Ultimately, my life’s goal to restore balance to all life forms, present and future generations from bacteria to massive coral reefs, and allow them to flourish rather than fight for survival will be in reach. I also hope to rescue and rehabilitate these magnificent animals in aquariums, research facilities, and, hopefully later, my own research rescue center.

As I march through the marine biology program at Texas A Corpus Christi, I know that I will learn crucial lessons that will build a structure for my doctorate in Veterinary Medicine. My bachelors degree in Marine Biology will provide me with the education to study the different biotic and abiotic organisms. Throughout the Marine Biology classesand electives I will obtain fascinating knowledge to produce experiments that could limit pollution and toxic waste. I will also learn to research the oceans for possible geographical issues. Then, my doctorate education will allow me to help nurse the beached or injured animals, that can no longer survive in their own, to health and release them, save endangered species, and heal, while protecting, the beautiful coral reefs.
Achieving my goals will require me to rely on my hard work, excellent grades, determination, and high standards. To fail to accomplish my goals is to let the little girl that fell in love with the amazingly intelligent dolphins with the silky smooth skin and the pretty colors and creatures of the whole ocean world. The little girl’s passion and excitement for the fascinating fish and mammals allowed the young women’s enthusiasm for saving the same flora and fauna to grow.

This Giva scholarship could be a small part in making history and allowing other little kids to see and learn from a successful woman, who was similar to them. I hope to use the money from this scholarship to encourage myself to be the best Marine Vet I can be and inspire all young adults to follow their dreams, no matter how big they may seem.

in order to be a successful inspiration, I hope to change the poaching numbers and continue to fight for the animals. The animals can not stop poachers. Therefore, I will fight for them until hunters stop brutally murdering: sharks only for their fins or teeth, whales for their blubber, or tuna into extinction.It is cruel! Poachers should be punished. They hunt gees wild life into possible extinction and get by squeaky clean. Not anymore. (PF) Once I get my degrees and the credentials that come with them, I will persuade others to fight with me to eliminate unnecessary poaching.

The current marine life fight losing battles everyday. With my Bachelor’s and Doctorate degrees, work ethic, drive, and love for oceanic creatures, I hope to right the wrongs in the marine world. Hen allow future generation of salt water living beings, microscopic to enormous, to thrive in an ecosystem that amazes me, encourages me, and makes me wonder about the majority sill undiscovered.

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