Saving Nemo-Vanuatu Video Reaction Paper Essay Sample

9 September 2017

The ‘Saving Nemo- Vanuatu’ is a documental based on the export of crown fish. which became celebrated since the film ‘Finding Nemo’ released. is fished from the Waterss of Vanuatu by a foreign company and exported to other states such as Australia and United States of America. The names of the civilizations represented in the docudrama are traditional civilization that is shown by the people of Vanuatu. on the island of Nuna. “the charming adult male declares forbidden raising the liquors to protect sea and whoever defies will confront illness or death” . Another civilization that is represented in this documental pecuniary civilization that is exhibited by the SRS. and the politicians of Vanuatu who have sold their marine ecosystem to SRS for small money. the politicians are given payoffs by the SRS to run in Vanuatu. The 3rd civilization that I think is represented in the docudrama is the coral reef civilization. It shown by the marine life scientist who talks about prolonging the coral reef and learning the kids who are non familiar with coral reefs about how to continue it and familiarizes them with it. The point of position that is reflected through the sound path is that of the storytellers.

The manner the storyteller presents the state of affairs to the audience is interesting. It creates a feel of what is really go oning in the docudrama and what are the issues faced by the people at that place. His voice makes me connected to the state of affairs. The presence of the camera and movie crew may hold influenced the action of the people presented. because the manner the acted during the cinematography showed that they were non natural. illustration the charming adult male was smiling while enforcing the tabu. Besides the piscaries section had been lying and giving statements such as that statement is false and disagreed with anything brought up by the storyteller who asked the inquiry. he may been scared at that point on giving his ain positions as he might lose his occupation if he disagreed with the authorities. The movie creates both disgust and empathy. It creates empathy because the marine ecosystem of Vanuatu is being destroyed by foreign people and the authorities is non making anything about it but is looking at its pecuniary value. Young kids will non be able to cognize what they had as their resources and in future these resources may no longer be at that place.

Saving Nemo-Vanuatu Video Reaction Paper Essay Sample Essay Example

On the other manus it created disgust for the SRS who did non care about the depletion of the natural resources of Vanuatu but in bend argued that the fish move about so much that it is impossible to number them. It besides created disgust for Chief Momo who agreed to acquire his reef fished for every bit small as 90 dollars per month which is much less than he and his community deserved. The of import subject of this unit is “the land and sea: yesteryear. nowadays and future” . The movie fits into this subject because it is about our land and sea. about its sustainability. In the movie the storyteller interviews people with different positions on how and what they feel about their resources being exploited by a foreign individual who is believing of his benefits and consuming their fish supply and coral reefs which are largely depended on the colourful fish that are non eaten. which is its primary builder. The marine life scientist is concerned as to how they can salvage these natural resources. he is besides concerned that how the immature kids can cognize about their environment and therefore he opts to demo them the movie. “Finding Nemo” . which I feel could be associate to their state of affairs at present and could do them familiarise them with their environment.

During the screening of this docudrama. I had a assorted feeling. I did non cognize if I should be surprised at what the people of Vanuatu are making with their resources or be angry at them. The most surprising portion in this docudrama is the portion where Chief Momo declares that he is paid some money for allowing the SRS people fish their seas. It was besides surprising that the piscaries section was non certain as to how many fishes were exported by the SRS each twelvemonth and the SRS insider and the piscaries section estimated export was different. It was besides surprising that the authorities took payoff from SRS. After the docudrama ended I felt a spot alleviated knowing that the kids are at least taught about how their coral reef is. and hope for a better hereafter for both the people and the coral reef. The civilization shown in the movie. which is the pecuniary civilization. is similar to my civilization as people here to be given work their traditional land and seas for money.

They sell land to the foreign people who make good usage of it and paying the locals small to what they deserve. My personal reaction to the civilizations. subjects and issues represented in the docudrama is that we should protect our natural resources because it is what we largely rely on for our nutrient and income beginning. If people over fish so the coral reefs are besides destroyed. non merely does it consume our resources but can take to many other effects on the Pacific island groups. The three most of import things of substances I learned from the movie are. First. to be knowing about our natural resources. it is what we are and its sustainability depends on us. Second thing is that the hereafter of our natural resources depend in the custodies of our younger coevals. they can either sell it to foreign states or do it more utile to be used by us. Third. that though the hereafter of our natural resources depend on the younger coevals. it besides has to be protected now so that it is of better used by the people of the Pacific as largely we depend on our natural resources.

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