Saving Private Ryan Reflection Questions

8 August 2016

Yes, General Marshall should have made the decision to rescue Private Ryan because he spared Mrs. Ryan from heartbreak. She had already lost three of her sons to the war and no mother deserves to lose all of her sons in war. 2-The US made the right decision in sending men in on D-Day because in war it is necessary to keep advancing and continue on with fighting even if it means men will lose their lives. A con to the invasion was that many men lost their lives but a pro way it was a surprise attack.

The Germans expected an attack on a different beach, even though they had prepared the beaches of Normandy for fighting. 3-Captain Miller’s decision to stop and storm the radar tower was a very courageous thing to do, it showed that he was not only there to complete his mission of saving Private Ryan but also to win the war. He risked his own life and the lives of his men to aid his country in winning the war. Even if he has know the outcome I do not believe he would have done things differently because he said it if losing one man’s life meant he saved many others lives it was worth it.

Captian Miller has many characteristics of a leader; he was very intelligent and was able to use self-control to make good decisions. Miller led his men by example and was very brave and honorable; he had an incredible ability to persevere in any mission he was assigned. Miller was very courageous and always tried to make decisions that would help to end the war. Captain Miller was a teacher back home and this occupation contributed to his leadership abilities because it allowed him to keep his composure and even when he was nervous or scared he never showed his fear to his men.

The role of medics was often the most difficult because medics were medics were classified as non-combatants and were not supposed to be fired upon, but they were targeted by the enemy because they did not want the medics giving aid to the wounded. 6-The mission of the men was to find Private Ryan and bring him home to his mother. The war was to take down and defeat the Germans. This specific mission was not one that would directly help win the war, but a mission to help a grieving mother.

It is important to save the one remaining member of a family and it is not right to use military strategies that might kill entire families. It is not right to kill entire families because although the goal is to win the war, no innocent civilian deserves to die from a military strategy. 8- “Just know, every man I kill the further away from home I feel. ” Captain Miller was saying that killing changes people and no matter the reason for killing, it changes a person forever. He is saying that every man he kills takes him further away from the man he was before the war “Gripes go up, they don’t go down.

This quote by Captain Miller is about how Miller never complains to his men and this is because he complains to his superiors and his men complain to him. This idea is a part of the chain of command. “I have always believed that the mission comes before the man, and this time the mission is the man. ”: This quote by Captain Miller is about how the mission is to save Private Ryan, and how he will do anything to complete his mission even if it means sacrifice his own life or the lives of his men.

Private Jackson, the sniper who quoted scripture before he shot someone: It was ironic that Private Jackson was quoting scripture right before he took a man’s life but it is understandable because he was just doing is job and trying to stay alive. Jackson’s job was to protect his men and in order for him to do his job he used God’s help and even though he was killing men he was doing it to protect his own life. Private Mellish, the Jewish soldier who taunted the German POWs: Private Mellish had the right to taunt the German POWs because they were the men who were responsible for the death of so many Jewish people.

Mellish is very brave and in taunting the POWs he was standing up for his religion and opposing wrongful killing based on religion. 10-Yes, it was fair for Captain Miller to tell Private Ryan to earn it because Miller knows he is dying and he sacrificed his life to win the war and save Private Ryan. He is saying that Ryan has to earn his trip home and to live a fulfilling life that is worthy of all the lives that were sacrificed to rescue him.

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