Savior by Danny Worsnop

10 October 2019

We’ve all had moments, girls especially, where we hear an absolutely beautiful song that makes our hearts stop. We wish that the song had been written for us and we envy the inspiration of the song. Well, I had one of those moments a few months back and I want to share it with all of you. One of my favorite bands is Asking Alexandria. Their music is such an inspiration in everyday life not to take crap off anybody and I love them for it. Vocalist Danny Worsnop released a solo single from what has been rumored to be a full length solo album, so I have my fingers crossed that the album comes out soon. For now, I will survive on the beauty of the single. The song Savior is the one that made me melt and fall even more in love with Danny’s voice. Savior has melodies that most Asking Alexandria fans may not have even realized he was capable of and I love every single moment of the song. Musically, his vocal intensity really shines through especially during the chorus as the music builds to a climax that will cause even the most devout scream fan to lay down their angst for a moment and bow down in respect for his talent. His true range and vocal ability, even at its most subtle points, sends shivers down your spine as the raw openness of the song seeps in. The complete soul-baring honesty of this song pulled me in and forced me to put this song on repeat. Lyrically, whoever this is written for must mean so much to him. Talking of being down at the bottom and being pulled back to the top by complete and unconditional love brings a tears to my eyes it’s so wonderful. Lace all of that together and you have what is, quite possibly, the best song I’ve heard him write so far. The optimism in his voice as the song progresses brings a smile to my face even as I sit here writing about it. It brings hope in its own special way. So, the moral of this story children, go listen to it and do it now. I promise that you won’t be disappointed and that you will love it just as much as I do. Don’t go in expecting it to be Asking Alexandria but expecting it to be Danny showing us what he’s made of and that he is more than just a one trick pony. I give this song 5 stars, two thumbs up and a huge round of applause. This is definitely a work of art in its own right!

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