Scary story

6 June 2017

The Ight was dim so not much of the basement lit up when you turned on the light. You were surrounded by darkness. Even when you turned on the light switch the light will first sound like a growl. I didn’t care. It freaked me out sometimes from watching one too many scary movies. But it was Just my Imagination, right? unlike me, my little sister was terrified of the basement. She would always bring me or one of my parents In the basement with her. She was only five years old, and she said she saw monsters. I thought she was kidding and didn’t pay any ttention.

I even went down to the basement with her, Just to prove that monsters and ghosts didn’t exist. I was right, when I went downstairs nothing was there. She would hide behind me and point at a dark corner and say that the ‘monsters’ are there.

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she was just being my sister. As I got older I was mean to my little sister. I had friends and I wanted to impress them. One night I was watching a scary movie with my friends. We decided to play a prank on my sister and throw her teddy bear In the basement, so she would go down there and then we’d lock the door. We’d lock her in here for a while.

We threw her bear In the basement. We heard the thud of the bear hitting the floor. I called for my sister and I told her the bear is in the basement. She looked hesitant at first but then asked If I can go down there with her. I told her It’s only at the bottom of the stairs Just run down, grab it then run back up. She slowly went down the first step, then the second and then she was at the bottom. We quickly shut the door. I heard her banging on the door, yelling for us to get her out. She said they were coming for her. I Just laughed. But after awhile..

Her screaming just stopped. I became worried and opened the door and turned on the light. She wasn’t there. I called out for her, my voice a little shaky. “Stop Joking, come on out! ” I yelled. Nothing. I quickly went downstairs and she was nowhere. I panicked and quickly ran up the stairs as my friends stayed downstairs. My parents quickly ran downstairs after I told them the story. I was too afraid to go downstairs so stayed upstairs. As my friends and my parents were in the basement, suddenly the basement door shut. I pulled at the handle but It wouldn’t open.

I called for my friends and parents to open the door 1 OF2 opened. It was pitch black in the room, and I didn’t hear or see anyone. I hesitantly turned on the light to view the most horrifying image I have ever seen. I saw my parents, my friends and my sister on the floor, dead! There were cuts and bite marks all over them. The worst part was that their eyes didn’t close, so their eyes were Just blankly staring at me. I almost threw up. I was gagging and crying from what I saw. I just stood there in disbelief. Then I saw “them”. Those monsters my sister was talking bout.

There was two of them. The smallest one was a little girl. She was short and had all black eyes. Staring right at me with a small smile. Her bloody sharp teeth were showing as she held up my sister’s bear. The other one was a little taller. He had blood dripping everywhere on him. He was smiling and chuckling. I started screaming and ran upstairs. The little girl grabbed my ankle as I was halfway up the stairs. I kicked her several times until she finally let me go. I ran up the stairs and quickly shut the door, locking it to make sure they were gone for good.

I ran out of the house, never to return to that hell I once called my home. I’m older now and I was driving in my new Ford. I passed the old house to see a family moving in. I cursed to myself and ran out of my car as fast as I could to warn them of what lurks in the shadows of that basement. I told them the story and they didn’t believe me. They thought I was kidding. I yelled and screamed. “Please listen to me!! They killed my family and friends! ” They thought I was some kind of crazy kid on drugs, so they gave me the address of omeone who helps out people who need help fighting their addictions.

They slammed the shut the door. I quickly ran to my car to drive to the police station hoping they would help this family. It was getting dark. They would attack soon. I was driving down the road when I saw a shadowy fgure Jump in front of me. I swerved into a pole and totaled my car. I could feel myself slowly dying from blood loss and knew it was my time to die. I knew that the thing I saw years ago Jumped in front of me. It was standing on top of me, smirking. Take this as my final words…

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