Scary story

6 June 2017

When she opened the door, she Immediately knew there was someone In her house. She asked “Is there someone? “, but no one answered, so she went to the kitchen and started making supper. While she was chopping tomatoes, she heard knocking upstairs. The knife fell out from her hand. She picked It up with shaking and went to the stairs. The noise was going from bathroom in the end of the hall. She turned on the lights and went straight on, holding the raised knife. The door was ajar.

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She was very frightened, her heart beating was very loud. She opened the door and turned on the lamp very quickly. For her surprised there wasn’t anybody in the bathroom and the noise blew over. She was going through the hall. When she stood on the first step, someone said “Hello”. She screamed very loudly and she started falling down the stairs. On the floor she realized, her arm had broken. She was groaning with pain. She looked up and saw a man with a pumpkin head.

He was holding bloodstained knife. The man was going to her. “What do you want? Why do you want to kill me? “- she asked. “It’s your Halloween treat. ” – he answered laughing. She was trying to get to the main door. She stood up crying and held the handle, but unfortunately it was too late. He caught her and said “Trick or treat! “, stabbing her stomach. She fell down, spitting with blood. While the man was going out he said for goodbye ” Happy Halloween! “. ton

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