Scenario Evaluation Plan

6 June 2016

When an organization is trying to reorganize and create new programs, they will use an evaluation plan to do this, an evaluation is a very important step in the development and implementation of the organizations program and projects they are trying to develop. It’s important to have a solid foundation to carry out the mission, goals, and the objectives, and it’s also important to have a way to define success and failures through the proper use of evaluation techniques, appropriate reporting, and having the right tools to carry out the programs. It can be challenging for an agency to decide if they should use a process evaluation or an outcome evaluation plan.

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The main objective of an evaluation technique is to provide for the state the agency is in, tell how – well or how poorly the programs are working, what may need to be done or changed, and how they are keeping up to meet their goals mission, and objectives. For the PEACE Domestic Violence Agency, they want to empower survivors, reduce trauma that victims go through and to promote recovery through direct services. The PEACE agency is committed to the clients they serve, the agency wants to reduce sexual assault and domestic violence through education and strives to challenge how domestic violence is looked at, and how some condone violence in the community.

Process evaluations serves a pacific purpose, it’s to collect information from a program which provides the basis for the outcome evaluations. Outcome evaluations take assessments of the raw data which helps the agency to know how well the program is meeting its goals. In order for this agency to be evaluated, some authority has to be taken to set the groundwork for the agency. If both of these processes are over looked the evaluations will not help to provide the correct estimate of any programs. The missions, goals, and objectives presented in this scenario are fairly followed. If the agency does not have a detail description of the performance of how well the program will be administrated and implemented, so in this case it would impossible to perform a process evaluation. A process evaluation, data can be collected in many different ways.

By using a designed assessment, the process can be evaluated to see the effectiveness, efficiency, and use them for extended studies. Evaluations can include tools as participants, interviews with staff members to evaluate the programs process that some individuals go through when they are seeking help to recover. Without the correct data or information, the outcome will not give the correct of true estimate of how the agency or organization is doing. The tools that are used helps to provide a base for an outcome evaluation, while the process which is collected and is equally important as well.

The outcome evaluation comes from taking the required collected data, which allows for a decision to be made on the behalf of the evaluation of any programs. It’s very important to remember the mission, goals, and the objective of the organization or the agency at hand, along with working with the required data. With this we can see how far the programs have come together and if we need to make any minimal changes in curriculum and to see how well we are meeting the project or program’s objectives as a whole. We have no way of knowing if the program and the agency valves are on the same track or have they separated itself from their original purpose or plan.

Tools that can be used for an outcome evaluation are the financial and process reports which are given to management and to the community. With a detail review of where the program began, how well are the objectives being met, or how can those objectives be met, and what needs to be taken for the future prosperity of the program information which is very important and valuable to the organization. Tools are put in place to help grant donors, the community members, and the people who are interested in the same kinds of programs. When you are evaluating any organization plans or programs, both on a process and outcome level it can provide information needed for the mission, goals, and objectives which drives the internal and external workings of a program.

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