Scholar’s Sports Carnival

2 February 2017

In addition to that, this one day sports event was joined by the representatives of the officers from each of the education sponsoring units. As many as 4 different sports events were held during this Scholar’s Sports Carnival Day.

The sports were futsal, netball, basketball 3 on 3 based, and ping pong. For the futsal and netball sports event, the number of participants in each team was 8 including 1 substitute and for basketball, each team consists of 4 members including 1 substitute as well.As for the ping pong competition, it was an individual match for all of the participants involved. All of the sports organized were opened for men and women categories except for basketball, which is only opened under the men category. This one day event started at 8. 00a. m.

Scholar’s Sports Carnival Essay Example

in the morning, where during that time, was the arrival of the sponsored students and representatives from each of those education sponsoring units. Upon their arrival, breakfast was prepared for them which they had curry puff and a nice hot tea on the menu.Special T-shirts for the event were then given to each one of them based on their Pre-U courses that they are currently studying, such as green colored T-shirt was meant for the SAM students, blue for students from Taylor’s University College, orange for students who are taking IB from Taylor’s College Sri Hartamas, red for Canadian Pre-U students, pink for staffs from the administration unit of Taylor’s Management Department and yellow for Cambridge A-levels Pre-U students.After the arrival of all students and the representatives, a short speech from the organizing committee and the representatives were given to the students at 9. 00a. m. Participants were then briefed about the sports that they were taking part in.

After the briefing has ended, a warming up session led by student representatives from each different colored T-shirt group was commenced. The idea of having this warming up session is to prevent any major injuries to happen on the participants throughout their sports activities.At around 9. 30a. m. , all of the sports events started. The futsal, basketball and netball matches were held at a court nearby whereas the ping pong tournament was held in one of the buildings in Taylor’s University College.

The futsal competition was held 5 vs 5 based in league groups of 4, where the team champion of each group will proceed to the next round. As for basketball and ping pong, it was an elimination round based competition whereas the netball matches were held in league groups.All of the participants played well with determination and compete with each other to win in the sports that they were taking part in. After an exhausting game by the participants, the entire sports events ended at around 2. 00p. m. and lunch was served to them.

During their lunch time, at 2. 15p. m, a prize giving ceremony was held for the winners of each sports event. Each of the winners will receive a trophy as a reward for their achievement in their respective sports events.For the futsal competition, the champion was the representatives from the education sponsoring unit of MARA and for the basketball competition; the champion was the students from Taylor’s University College. As for the netball competition, the champion was the students from the SAM group whereas for the ping pong individual tournament, the champion was awarded to Abdul Basit Kazimi from Taylor’s University College. Last but not least, the overall champion for this year’s Scholar’s Sports Carnival Event was clenched by the group of students from Taylor’s University College and a big shining gold trophy was awarded to them.

Congratulations to all of the winners for this year’s sports event. All in all, this one day event truly gives a lot of benefits to all of the students involved and also, Taylor’s College/University College in accomplishing their mission to strive towards excellence and all-roundedness. Personally, I hope that such event will be organized more often with more numbers of participants joining in. As a conclusion for this event, it was a really big success and kudos to the excellent work by the organizers.

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