Scholarship Application

Have you have ever had a dream that you went for, and accomplished? Although I’m still a high schooler, I have big dreams for my future. Becoming a teacher is very important to me. Some adults don’t realize that the best years of most teenagers lives are their high school years, or also that the most crucial learning years of your life are in grade school, because your brain is still young and developing quickly. So true is this, that it’s crucial to learn as much as you can while in school,{{CS}} you’ll have better learning skills as an adult. That’s why I want to teach kids as much as I can and make the biggest difference in their lives as I’m able.

I would like to receive this scholarship because I need any financial help I’m able to receive. This year I have really buckled down with my school work. Faced with senioritis, it finally knocked some sense into me, and I realized that I’m not going to go anywhere in life with poor grades in school. My future plans consist of going to Cowley County Community College to get my core classes out of the way: later to transfer to a university (preferably Emporia State) to get a teaching degree. I would like to become an elementary school teacher, or a high school history teacher. Whether I become a history teacher or an elementary school teacher does not matter to me, because I will try to major in both (but only one at a time).

A certain sport I particularly like is volleyball. If I become a teacher, then I plan to be a volleyball coach for high school girls also, and being a teacher makes it easier to become a coach at the school that I want to teach at. Volleyball has by far been my most favorite memories of high school. I don’t want to coach it just because I love it, but also because I want to make young girls love it also. If you try your hardest and are close together as a team, then you’ll have what it takes to win. One thing that I’ve learned while playing volleyball with my team is to never take anything for granted; especially not high school. Moreover, I want to go far enough in life to be able to aid students and athletes that need it.

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