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Scholarship Boy Essay, Research Paper

Scholarship Boy You re a pretty lucky child to hold received this scholarship to that private school in Virginia. Mrs. Casas spoke to me in her really serious tone of voice, which caused my chocolate-brown eyes to concentrate profoundly on her intense expression. Esther Casas was a member of the I Have a Dream Foundation, and the adult female who made it possible for me to be admitted to VES by giving the school good word about my work ethic and possible that I carried within my little frame. Yeah, I m a pretty lucky. I responded with a flicker in my immature voice because I was excited and felt lucky. Excited I was, because it was my first clip go toing a boarding school, and everything seemed so cryptic to me that I could non wait another second of clip to be present in Virginia, a topographic point that I knew nil approximately but merely that it was located in the eastern portion of the US. When the clip came to eventually get down this great new experience, I was overcome with felicity that the enigma would be solved by a twosome of hours of winging above the endless cragged land. When I arrived on this campus, I found it rather surprisingly quiet and peaceable. My journey to this beautiful green campus had started four old ages antecedently in Mrs. Brown s 6th class home room category at Markham Junior High. Mrs. Brown was asked by the I Have a Dream disposal to pick 10 names of pupils in her category who she thought were good all around pupils and besides who seemed interested in go oning their instruction. Mrs. Brown felt that I had the demands to measure up for the lucky 10 who would shortly go Dreamers. Bing a Dreamer was one of the best things that could go on to me while I was seeking to turn up in a community of force and offense. While other childs were out hanging at the corners, the IHAD would pick up a group of us in a spotless, long white new wave with markers on the side that read I Have A Dream Foundation, Los Angeles in large black letters. This new wave would weave is manner through the crowded smoggy streets to a topographic point where our instruction would be expanded. This topographic point was a big room located inside a Great Western bank. The room indoors contained computing machines, books, coachs, and other helpful beginnings that would dispute our heads and increase our cognition. The IHAD non merely tried to increase our instruction, but the foundation besides manage to take us on trips to topographic points that I had ne’er seen earlier such as the Big Bear mountains in California or to operas such as the Carmen. The feeling that I got from this plan was that they were seeking to open up the universe for me in many ways so that I would hold a wider position about things in life. Since the first twenty-four hours at VES everything happened the manner a new pupil would desire his first twelvemonth to be. During this twelvemonth I maintained a steady norm of 83 % ; I had a batch of friends ; the instructors were all polite and helpful when needed, and I had a large function in athletic as a member of the varsity association football squad, j.v. hoops squad, and the path Te

am where I broke a school record in the 800-meter relay. I felt good about my achievements my first twelvemonth and there were no complains from any of the instructors or disposal because I was populating up to the outlooks they had for a scholarship male child.

About the half manner into my sophomore, the scholarship male child began to take different determinations and rapidly drew the attending of some module members who looked upon him as person with a bad, violent, and negative attitude. This all happened when I and a few other pupils got into a large bash with other pupils from E.C. Glass, and I decided to draw out a knife. I pulled out the knife to protect my friends and me from the oppositions, savages who were acquiring ready to contend our bantam group of four because we were from a prep school. The school did non see my actions as a signifier of protection for our group ; alternatively they saw it as a delinquent reaction in me. I had violated the school regulations and was suspended for a twenty-four hours of deadening categories. I had let their outlooks down ; I wasn t to the full fulfilling their hopes. You can make better than this. Mr. Mundy, my adviser, spoke to me in his deep powerful voice as he handed me my agenda for the undermentioned trimester. Passing me the light piece of paper, Mr. Mundy walked away go forthing me entirely in a universe of enigmas that had to be discovered. I though to myself standing in the blocks of dirty clay below my cold pess, an 80 % norm is non the best class in the school but is non near to the worst. I felt that my classs were reasonably nice, but Mr. Mundy did non accept that fact and left me with no room to speak. He turned his dorsum on me. Since the embarrassment with Mr. Mundy, I began to believe that being at a private school on a scholarship wasn t the best thing, and decidedly non the lucky state of affairs that Mrs. Casas had told me and I had thought. It seemed as if all eyes were on me, the scholarship male child from Watts, watching every individual measure and action I made to do certain that I didn t cross the boundaries that they didn t expect me to traverse. Then the ideas of other pupils began to twirl around my busy head. If it had been another pupil perpetrating a minor discourtesy or acquiring bad classs, he wouldn T hold had to worry every bit much because he came to this school with no outlooks from instructors, but merely from parents and friends. It felt as though I carried a heavy load on my dorsum to make good because it was expected of me. It was non merely that I wanted to make good or that my household expected this of me. I knew the whole clip that I was working hard for myself and cipher else, but I felt as though excessively much flawlessness was required of me because I was a different type of pupil. To this twenty-four hours I still find myself believing that instructors expect more out of me because I came here in particular fortunes and with really high vitamin E outlooks for my hereafter that I felt had to carry through. In world I do everything for my ain will and because of my love for my household and friends but cipher else.

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